Thursday, May 07, 2009

Heartbreak Ridge

To the disappointment of some of the few Republicans in Pennsylvania and nationally that are not willing to keep driving the party's bus off the hard right cliff former PA Governor Tom Ridge announced he will not run for the GOP Senate nomination in 2010.

After much speculation, former Gov. Tom Ridge today announced that he would not seek the GOP nomination for Senate next year.

In a statement, Ridge said he had been heartened by the support and encouragement he received from within the party and that it had been a difficult decision for him. He expressed a desire to still be involved in the party’s development.


Anonymous said...

Funny guy. Let me tell you I am who you would consider a hard right guy, and I was excited at the prospect of Tom Ridge. I disagree on his views on abortion and some other social issues, but he is a candidate just about everyone would have been behind, for all the right reasons.

Just wait until the D's figure out how rough it's going to be with Specter not living up to their hard left expectations.

Mark it down, he will have as tough a time in the D's primary as he would have had with the R's. He better make all the right votes for BHO to bring the Man into PA to save his sorry behind next May.

Anonymous said...

very interesting article from a left leaning blog on Specter.

Barry O'Connell said...

Specter is in touch with the Pa voters. That is how he has survived through Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and O'Bama. It is the so-called conservatives who are out of touch. I am a Barry Goldwater Conservative and that makes me a Democrat. I bet if Goldwater was running today it would be as a Dem as well.


Barry is on the mark. The so called mainstream Republican Party of today is an equivelant to what the John Birch Society was in Goldwater's day. SPecter didn't leave the Republican party, they left him.

Gort said...

It's history in reverse. The Republicans are going the way of the Whig party.

Barry O'Connell said...

Specter turning Dem is huge news but that is just part of it. About as big was Elsie Hillman's endorsement of Arlen. Hillman has been the heart and soul of moderate republicanism in Pa and as as Pa's richest woman (Forbes 400) she has been held huge power. I new Ridge was not running as soon as Elsie endorsed Specter. This is a complete route of moderates and means no more guys like Ridge, Thornburg, Scranton etc... unless they run as Dems.