Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Juvie Brothers update

When you're right, argue the facts. When you're wrong, argue the law.

WILKES-BARRE – Attorneys for two juvenile treatment centers contend that the kickbacks paid to two former judges were related to favorable rulings they issued in other civil cases, not for the placement of children in the facilities....Marsha Levick, an attorney with the Juvenile Law Center, which filed one of the four suits, said Monday she’s confident the evidence will show that payments made to the judges were directly related to placements in the detention centers, and not some other kickback scheme.
“(You) are not going to make a profit by running a private child care facility if you have empty beds,” Levick said. “The connection between any sort of kickback and Ciavarella’s ability to keep beds filled is inescapable.”

The lawyers for the owner of PA Child Care, Greg Zappala, wants to disqualify attorneys for the Juvenile Law Center because they have been "government informants.”

Levick on Monday called the allegation “laughable.”
It’s so incredibly stupid I almost don’t want to dignify it with an answer,” Levick said.


Big Dan said...

Isn't that like saying:

"I'm innocent. I didn't rape this woman, I raped a different woman"

"I didn't rob that bank, I robbed that bank!"

What kind of a JACKASS defense is that?

Why aren't they up on charges for admitting they gave kickbacks? Because they gave the kickbacks for this reason, and not that reason???


Big Dan said...

I never heard of someone's defense:

"Yes, we gave kickbacks...but not for the reasons they're saying".

What the HELL is going on here???

Reminds me of Jill Moran: "They did it without my complete knowledge."

Word games. Every single word they say, is carefully crafter by these snake oil salesmen.

Big Dan said...

"We gave illegal kickbacks for those corrupt judge rulings, not these".


Anonymous said...

Cool it dan you know what is coming these guys didnt get dirty overnight

Barry O'Connell said...

Corrupt government is not that bad. Get real, do you really want to live in a town that you can't get a parking ticket fixed in. Luzerne county has a great system... unless you are on the outside. Why should some marginal player expect all the same benefits as someone who works their way into the in crowd.