Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking to the fall

Luzerne County Judge

I think it's safe to say that Bill Amesbury will be the top vote getter for 1 of the 2 seats up for grabs by virtue of his nomination on both sides of the ballot. So the race is between Republican nominee Dick Hughes and Democrat Tina Gartley. Hughes has rock solid support on the GOP side and has broad appeal throughout the county. Even a trendy lefty like Carl Romanelli backs him. It still will be hard for him to overcome Gartley's advantages such as snagging the Democratic nomination in a county that has almost a 2 to 1 edge in Democratic registration and the feeling that there should be a woman on the Court of Common Pleas. About the only thing that can sink her is if she or a member of her family is tied to the Juvie Brothers.

Register of Wills

Two woman are vieing for this row office in the year of the woman. Dottie Stankovic has always been independent of the the local Democratic Party but the disgust with the local Dems just might make this a close race. The Republican nominee is Gina Nevenglosky


This is another match up of 2 female candidates. Former GOP Prothonotary Carolee Medico-Olenginski romped to victory in the primary and will probably cruise to an easy win over first time candidate Democrat Nancy Bellas. Carolee back in the Courthouse, this will be fun.


Long time pain in the ass Walter Griffith won the Repubublican nomination and will face off with Bob Morgan in the fall. I think that Walter has been a "pain" in a good way like Steve Flood was when he was Controller. Let's just hope that he ignores nasty blog posts about him and stays out of the fray.

Wilkes-Barre Area School Director

Christine Katsock was the top vote getter on both sides of the ballot and should finally get elected to something. I haven't checked but people tell me she changed her registration to "D". Either way I'm voting for her. The only incumbent to hold on was Lynn Evans which is not surprising in this enviroment of investigations and indictments. Harry Haas won a spot on the GOP side and it looks like he will competing with former W-B Councilman Phil Latinski.

My view

Vote Repubublican in Luzerne County

Enough is enough. Throw the rascals out.


Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Unfortunately, the "throw the rascals out" mentality is a view of incompetence and in effect breeds an incompetent government. According to the post, we should all proceed like marching ants into the voting booth and pull the lever for the Republican party. Now, as an old fogie GOP'er myself, that is fine by me, but I find it troubling that voting without thinking is being encouraged. I realize that the public is angry at the recent developments in county politics, and as I viewed some of our local radio talking heads on a television program last week, I heard expressions of outrage and surprise from those in the audience in relation to these very events. Really?? Let me put it in a nutshell, students; You go into a voting booth and vote for a gentleman to be in charge of millions of dollars simply because he was a professional football player?? You vote for a judge because he was nice one day to your grandmother?? YOu vote for a county Sheriff because someone told you he was a good guy?

IN short, class, when voters behave in this reckless fashion and prefer to vote on personality as opposed to educational background, preferring laziness to taking time to read a newspaper and when some in the media encourage the public to vote merely a straight party ticket with no thought encouraged; as the ax falls and outrage permeates, we should sit back and look in the mirror. The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves. Class dismissed.

Zen said...

Professor, you do realize that the majority of voters in Luzerne County vote without thinking, don't you? They go in the voting booth and vote straight dem without even truly knowing who they just voted for.

Gort, regarding Tina Gartley, I assume you've heard some information about a family member of hers. Have you verified that yet? Maybe ask Judge Musto what he has to say about that person that works in the DA's office and prosecuted the vast majority of the questionable juvie cases. Never argued that the sentencing was way off kilter of the guidelines. I'm not saying anything illegal went on, but it sure sounds fishy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how hubby nowhere in sight

Anonymous said...

Hey wa duz yuz no, my fodder wuz a democrat an I learned how to pull da droogie lever years ago

Big Dan said...

The fallacy is thinking the party not in power, will come riding in on a white horse to save the day. They're ALL corrupt!

Republican Election Official to Change Plea to 'Guilty' in Kentucky Election-Tampering Conspiracy

Paul Bishop, one of six Clay County Election Board officials arrested in March, may now be cooperating with federal prosecutors

NEW DETAILS: Rush Limbaugh's 'Hillbilly Heroin' said used as part of vote-buying scheme | LATE UPDATE: Many new details following today's guilty plea...

Big Dan said...

Whoever's in power, is the most corrupt.

Big Dan said...

Check that link out:

LINKA Republican election official, one of six allegedly bi-partisan [ed note: see update below for more on that] Clay County, KY Board of Elections officials arrested last March and charged with a long-term conspiracy to rig elections, buy votes, and manipulate vote-selections on electronic voting machines without the knowledge of voters, has asked to change his plea from not guilty to guilty, according to local news reports...

Now the point isn't that it's's PROOF (as I've been saying for years) that:


Does everyone get this? You DON'T, or you'd be SCREAMING about it like I do!

Think about this: you hear radio shows, you see blogs, saying get the corrupt Democrats out all the time. You hear on the talk radio shows, everyone hates Skrepenak and to get him out. Yet...somehow, these guys keep winning by landslides.

And THEN, to boot, they can blame the "stupid voters". Isn't that nice?


Go HERE and learn about electronic voting machines.

Big Dan said...

Who controls the electronic voting machines in YOUR precinct?

I'm sure it's a real honest politician!

ONE person can change an election on e-vote machines. That's the beauty of it. On old fashioned paper ballots, it took MANY people to hack an election, therefore, easier to detect.

The more people, the more likely to find out.

ONE person can change an election on e-vote machines. Highly unlikely you will ever find out.