Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Luzerne County Controller

Walter Griffith Jr. (R) 5,327 29%

Edward Brominski (R) 3,992 22%

Alice Coffman (R) 3,490 19%

Nanda Palissery (R) 2,989 16%

Robert Sypniewski (R) 2,526 14%

This result somewhat surprised me. I thought Brominski would finish last. It looks like people have noticed that Walter has been involved in local government for a long time and has been looking out for the interest of the taxpayers. Democrat Bob Morgan was unopposed.


forrest gump said...

I guess I owe Mr. Griffith an apology after one of my comments on a previous thread in which I stated that he couldn't get elected as dog catcher. I am sorry. Like Katsock, this guy never gave up. People actually see that he has the "people's" best interest in mind. I didn't vote for the Democratic candidate because he was uncontested. I will vote for Griffith in the Fall.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee wiz Gort, what happend to your guy Bob?

Nanda said...

Gort: thanks for your coverage of the race.... you did a great job, even though your computer crapped out on you toward the end....