Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blogger News

On a sad note Keystone Politics is no more. Greg has been a great blog buddy since I started this site and has oftened linked to my posts. I will look for him to start a new venture.

Union Township Supervisor Republican candidate Billy Allred has a libertarian streak and shares his thoughts at PRE-brief: Politics, Religion, Economics - All Discussed Briefly

My friend Randy had helped me with some technical issues in the past. He's another conservative Republican that disagrees with me on just about everything but he is a fellow blogger and we all help each other out. Free speech is free speech. He took a break but is now banging on the keyboard again at PennPatriot.

I predict that will be a must read for everybody, everyday if you haven't already figured that out. Hey Dan, when I hang up this gig you may need a NEPA correspondent.

Newspapers are failing across the country and the latest victim is Allentown's The Morning Call.
They recently laid off a bunch of staff but thankfully the author of Capitol Ideas wasn't one of them. On a side note, Jane thinks John needs to buy a comb.

Then there is that internet hooligan from the North End of Wilkes-Barre who almost gave me a heart attack when I read; And with that, my last ever post on the formerly expansive electronic pages of Wilkes-Barre Online… The Blogfather was my inspiration to start Gort42. He was only one writing about local issues a few years ago when I was (wasting) spending my time commenting on blogs that cover national issues. He didn't follow through with that threat but moved to a new platform; Circumlocution for Dummies. Years of posts about Wilkes-Barre and other stuff can be found at Wilkes-Barre Online which will always remain on my blogroll.

I really need to update NEPA Blogs with some of this stuff or maybe DB or Michelle will take care of it.

And a happy 3rd Blogiversary to the YONK!

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Billy Allred said...

Thanks for the blog mention. The democrats and republicans are starting to attack me publicly, so I must be on the right track.
"Politicians won't respect you unless they fear you" - Saul Alinsky
Under Democrats, man exploits man, under republicans, the opposite is true. - Bumper Sticker