Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. With 17 candidates in the race for 2 spots on the Court of Common Pleas who knows what the result will be. I still haven't decided who I'm voting for.

I can predict that Bob Morgan will be the Democtratic nominee for Controller. On the Republican side I have no idea who will win. Bob Sypniewski, Alice Coffman, Nanda Palissery, Edd Brominski and Walter Griffith have run great campaigns.

What the hell is a Prothonotary?

I think that Carolee wins this race on the GOP side. President for Life of the breakaway Republic of Bear Creek Village Walter Michell has run a sprited campaign but Carolee has the name recognition.

On the Dem's side Al Akulonis has a few bucks and has been on TV but Nancy Bellas is a woman in the year of the woman. My vote goes to Jerry Mullery.


Mean Old Man said...

It warms my heart that a fine young woman like Miss Medico will once again grace that halls of the County courthouse. It was a shame to see the way poor Ms. Moran was railroaded by the Obama justice dept., but all hope is not lost!!! I already cast my ballot. As far as the judicial candidates are concerned, who cares!!! All we are going to get out of that litter is two namby pamby liberals who will legislate from the bench. For the life of me I cannot understand why a good young fella like Mr. Ciavarella lost his job simply because he put young thugs right where they belonged--in jail!!! So, not only does this fine young example of integrity and honor sees the loss of his career and reputation--he himself goes to jail!!! Only in an AMerica ruled by liberals. Damn!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in Ann Lokuta and Hugo for Judge.

Anonymous said...

voted against medico and griffith. tired of rabble rousers, we need serious elected officials, unfortunately there are none of those available either.