Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christine finally wins one

Christine Katsock was the top vote getter on both sides of the ballot for Wilkes-Barre Area School Director. I first met her a few years ago when she was running for school board when she knocked on my door and gave us a sponge with her name on it. We still have it. I guess some people don't read the newspaper because Jim Height got 731 votes.

The results (vote for 4)


Christine Katsock 4,319

Robert M. Corcoran 3,639

Phillip B. Latinski 3,431

Lynn Evans 2,866

Harry Haas 2,415

Thomas F. Malloy 2,109

Michael Desiderio 1,971

Jim Height 550

Write-In 650


Christine Katsock 1,599

Harry Haas 1,064

Robert M. Corcoran 1,010

Lynn Evans 924

Phillip B. Latinski 765

Michael Desiderio 631

Thomas F. Malloy 536

Jim Height 181

Write-In 202


Joe said...

congrats to Christine. She will serve the people well.

forrest gump said...

A very tenacious person that I thought would give up after many failed attempts to get elected to any position. Congratulations and good luck in the Fall. You deserve it!!!

sauerkraut said...

but did ya alls elect judges who will NOT turn out to be so blessed corrupt??

JollyRepublican said...

Way to go Christine...I am proud of you!