Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walter Griffith endorses

Residents of Luzerne County, I am asking for your help in making the County of Luzerne a better government by voting on Nov. 8. The voters of Luzerne County have a very important decision to make on Nov. 8 with regard to the government in our county.
There are 28 candidates that are on the ballot for Luzerne County Council and seven judicial candidates for the Luzerne County Court. These positions are vital to the accountability and creditability of our county, and the election should be decided very carefully to be sure we are moving in the direction of fixing our problems and not making them worse.
There are several candidates that I would like to recommend to the voters for your consideration on Nov. 8 to make our county a better place to live and work. The following 11 candidates are my choice for Luzerne County Council which I believe would make a difference in the way our county is governed and also make reasonable and rational decisions that would justify the decision for home rule government as the right choice.
Eugene Kelleher (R)
Charlie "Bible Buck" Hatchko ( I )
Kathleen Dobash (R)
Steven J. Urban (R)
Tim Mullen ( I )
Gina Nevangloski (R)
Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt (R)
William Bill James (R)
Harry Haas ( R )
Michael Lacey ( I )
Steven A. Urban (D)
Straight party voting should be avoided in this election if we hope to elect the most qualified people. We need to elect people who will make a difference in our county, in part by selecting the first county manager under the home rule charter who will act as the chief executive of our county.
The ability to cleanse the judicial system of this county is also a very critical issue and our judicial selections should be made after much study and research. The ballot will provide a choice of seven candidates for six judicial positions. We must be certain that those who seek to be judges of our court will administer the law fairly and honestly.
There are two candidates that I feel would are qualified to handle such a difficult but rewarding position. I whole heartedly recommend them to you. Dick Hughes has the necessary experience as a prosecutor and a private practice attorney. He is of the highest moral character with a strong sense of fair play, and I believe he will make an excellent judge. Joe Sklarosky, Jr. is another person I believe to be well qualified to administer justice fairly, who will also make an excellent judge. I encourage you all to do the necessary research to be sure that we choose the most qualified people to serve on the Luzerne County Court.
Voters of Luzerne County have decisions to make which will impact Luzerne County for many years, and we must take the time to choose these people very carefully. Please do not vote straight party this November. Your county government deserves better than that from the people responsible for its very existence. Please use your votes wisely.
Walter L. Griffith Jr.
Luzerne County Controller

I haven't talked with Walter for some time but if he had asked I would have advised him not to write this letter.

Rangers even up the series winning 2-1 today.


Anonymous said...

Headline should read:

"Walter Griffith Endorses slate for crazy people"

Anonymous said...

This charter that Gort and his ilk pushed for is a clusterfuck waiting to happen. 11 part time commissioners and an unelected county exec is destined for disaster. So I will be voting for all the loons.

Bible Buck


Bill James


The Urban kid

Holloween Bergman

Tea Party Lacey

Mister F. said...

"Straight party voting should be avoided in this election". Huh?

So Griffith wants you to vote for 7 republicans, one former republican. and three more, who are not democrats. That's not slanted, that's not straight party voting.

Instead, Luzerne County Voters.... Do your own research, vote for whom you desire, and don't let anyone do your thinking for you.

Anonymous said...

Pittston Plitics Valenti in todays post asked that we give Charlie Bible Buck Hatchko a vote. You know, when we treat government as a joke, then government becomes a joke. Walter Griffth has become so big in his mind that he thinks his offering an endorsement means something. Walter should spend more time dong is job and speaking of transparency, why won't Walter Griffith give a public report as to where he stands on county audits? How far behind is he and why? Let's see some real transparency and speaking of that, why hasn't the media, Yonk or Gort asked for a report? I guess none of us like to admit to a mistake.

Anonymous said...

quite frankly many of us will be voting for whoever he endorses, he's for the taxpayers and we trust his judgement. He's doing a great job as Controller and the people that count, that got him there, know that and trust him...llike it or not.

we all shall see come election day!

Keep up the good work Walter and thanks for having our backs!