Friday, December 29, 2006

Hazleton tweeks the illegal immigrant ordinance

HAZLETON — Shifting its policies targeting illegal immigrants, city council unanimously approved changes to two ordinances Thursday night, dropping plans to register every tenant in the city and opening the door for some illegal immigrants to rent property without violating the ordinance.

Lou Barletta made another change to his legal nightmare. It will never be enforced so why not just cut your losses. The Senate race is over and your famous Lou, move on. If your not elected to a higher office you can go to work for Lou Dobbs or Pat Buchanan. And the Minutemen are looking for recruits.


Anonymous said...

This is starting to get ridiculous. Wouldn't you think a person who has been mayor this long would know how to write legislation that is legal and constitutional. Let's hope this man stays in Hazelton, because he is obviously clueless, he has no grasp of the law nor the U.S. Constitution. A responsbile, well thought mayor would not be working on draft after draft of an ordinance.

Anonymous said...

Both Barletta and the city council are looking Keystone Cop to me.

Here is my Christmas contribution to the topic:

Santa Claus, Superman and Sweet Jesus.. Oh my

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

lil Rick is sinking