Thursday, December 28, 2006

A little link love from the Looneys in Lehigh

Sort of. Alliteration is not my strong point.

First Lehigh Valley Ramblings put up a poll to decide which was the best "Humorous Christmas Parody" post but left off the the Mean One's because he knew his weak entry couldn't stand up to it. Then he and Musings from Mudville declared a winner before all the ballots were counted just like Florida in 2000! And the winner wasn't even on the ballot.

That Mad Batter guy did an around the blogosphere post because he misses John Micek that mentions many of our little group but didn't provide links. That scary woman he lives with named me one her Top Ten Blogs of 2006. The craziest holiday story I have read is her's I Kicked Grandma out of my house on Christmas!

As far as can tell they all got a head start on National Drunk Blogging Day.

BTW, This is how you do links.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for missing me.
I'll be back in the office on Tuesday.

Bernie O'Hare said...

By the way, who's Micek? Is he a reporter in the coal regions?

As far as the determination of the winner is concerned, your account is entirely accurate. And I sang the winning entry on AM talk radio this morning.