Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another work of fiction

With all the outrage over the Debit Card scandal the fact that the latest Luzerne County budget doesn't add up has been overlooked. This year's plan has an eerie resemblance to last year's nonsense with even more invented revenues. Last year the budget called for $4 million from land sales that never happened and this year the figure is $6.3 million. Last year the county was supposed to get $3 million from beefed-up tax collections and they inflate that to $14 million from collection of unpaid property taxes for 2008.

With $7 million of iffy revenues built in the the 2007 plan they need to borrow about $20 million to cover this year's shortfall although the official figure is $14.9 million. 2008 promises to be worse and the Bond brother will be going back to the county credit/debit card to fund the next shortage. But that won't prevent the DebitCardmissioner and his new sidekick from borrowing even more money to fund the wish list such as a new $100 million county prison.

From the TL: Jenkins Township resident Charles Hatchko said the Shiites and Sunnis get along better than Skrepenak and Urban. Hatchko generated applause when he said he is reviving the fight for a home rule form of government, in part due to the county’s undocumented debit card spending.

Another resident questioned why the $14.9 million deficit was not fully disclosed before the November election.

Home rule has to be revisited.


Anonymous said...

Well if you are the #2 political blog, maybe this is the platform to revisit Home Rule. It's funny, everybody I talk to says they didn't vote for the winners of this year's county elections. That leaves the question, who did vote for them and where are they now? We don't have the ability to have a recall vote in PA. The only thing we can do is keep the pressure on and hope they resign or are investigated and found guilty of some kind of crime so they can be forced out of office.

How about a thread about the "drunk" Pittston Area school board member, James Adanizio, who was arrested for a DUI and threatened the cop with the fact that he is a very good friend of DA Dave Lupas?

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about it!! what is Home rule?????

Anonymous said...

That land sales figure for 2008 - 6.3 million dollars... I am pretty sure that's the figure they are thinking they can get for the Valley Crest land. Here's the scoop - that land is zoned conservation, so they are asking something like $95,000 and acre. Now, Mericle has 16 acres up for sale where the sports dome is (down the street). What's their asking price? $250,000/acre. Commissioner Urban asked them at the budget meeting why they don't go to the council in Plains and get the V.C. land rezoned commercial so that they can ask 2.5 times as much for it. They all just stared at him. Why? Because they want to sell that land to one of their buddies, who can then go and get it rezoned and make that extra 10 million dollars for himself and his buddies. Keep an eye on that one.