Saturday, December 01, 2007

Swiderski for Congress

Paul Swiderski, candidate for the Republican nomination in the 10th CD of Pennsylvania has just agreed to do an interview with me. I also extended an invitation to Dan Meuser but he hasn't got back to me yet. I talked with Chris Hackett a few months back and hope to do it again. After the primary I hope to sit down with Congressman Carney if Rebecca lets me.

I will be meeting with Paul to discuss boring stuff like issues. I hope to talk with all the candidates before the primary. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask Paul please leave them in the comments or send me an email. Be nice folks and please keep it clean.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, this man is not is my district. He misquoted the Declaration.

Anonymous said...

what does that have to do with anything???
So does that mean only historians or people with photographic memories should be politicians?

Anonymous said...

The more candidates the merrier. That's what I always say.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have a question. When is this guy going to give up? Does he really think he can beat the frontrunners?

Anonymous said...

He has one thing the front runners don't have. An actual similarity with the people of the 10th district. How many people in the 10th are millionares? Meuser and Hackett have no idea what kind of problems the 10th district residents are facing. I say keep going Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

He has the assimilation. He's likable, but the one thing he doesn't have is money.

Anonymous said...

The guy has the right to run, let him. listen to him and all the other candidates and make your choise. Hacket, Meuser, Swiderski, Ely, Haire- we need to find the one that can beat Carney.

another thing- I beleive that Hackett, Meuser, and Harie all started out from middle class families. They became successfull through hard work, I really thought we as Republicans tried to award that type of success unlike the Dems who want to simply take it away. People who have worked hard and made something of themselves understand other people that is how they became successful.

Anonymous said...


If Hackett and Meuser were successful from hard work alone, why would they need to participate in such patronage.

No word yet on Hackett asking for a return on his campaign contribution to Skrep. No word on Dan Meuser has been made of coming clean about his defective foreign parts that had direct cause to house fires and customer death.

Both may have worked hard at one time to get to a certain position in their careers. Both have taken obvious short cuts to achieve great wealth. You can't test ethics the same way you can test for steroids. You can follow the money trail. Have Hackett and Meuser done the right thing by their customers and indirectly the taxpayers who foot the bill for their services?

When talented people are not given the opportunity to succeed in a fair environment, what happens? How many people from this area earn college degrees and are able to stay and rebuild? For once, we should produce real success within the area over producing successful people who leave the area. Otherwise, your school taxes are an utter waste.

Hackett and Meuser represent all that continues to be wrong with the area. Support them at your own peril.

Unknown said...

kelly you sound like one of those guys who blames everything on everyone else. Look in he mirror. Both hackett aand meuser are talking about getting industry to come here so my kids will have a job to look forward too when they graduate college. That is what I want- a better quality of life and opportunity. I would rather have somebody that has done this before (creating jobs) than a snot nose theorist like yourself. Take it from somebody that is older (sorry to be playing the old man card) there are not shortcuts. Maybe the lottery but the winners always end up dirt poor again. They are both successful because they have to be part of the system. But the best way to change the system is from the inside. So everybody knows I am leaning towards anybody but hackett because of what he did on illegal immigratiion. pays to have Mexican vincente fox speak at Wilkes university and then protests him outside because he did not realize the political damage it would cause and he hoped people would not find out. That is not the person I want fighting for me in DC. Illegal immigration will be the biggest issue because it transcends all the issues- fiscal responsibility, education and all others. So lets see where the others stand- remember anybody but hackett.

Anonymous said...


By leaving the area, I have learned why industry does not want to move the district. Large businesses do not want to pay off politicians in the area. The large businesses that locate to the area are by nature low paying and unskilled. They come here because the area is full of individuals that will work hard for less than other Americans. You can't rebuild by racing to the bottom. Companies will just manufacture their goods elsewhere for the American market. Dan Meuser had the opportunity to save local suppliers, but instead he chose the cheap way out. Property was damaged and lives were lost as a direct result of his racing to the bottom for his manufactured goods. Companies aren't going to move back to rebuild the lost manufacturing base. Companies will only relocate to the area when the area makes a real commitment to promoting innovation...not a cheap workforce.

Personally, I don't look in the mirror blaming other people. I am saying this as an individual who wanted to stay but had to leave in order to pay off my student loans and make a decent living. I learned from my late father, a WWII veteran, that a much more fulfilling life can be achieved by working smart and doing things the right way. That attitude is not consistent with achieving success in the area.

You can call me a snot nosed theorist, but it doesn't change the fact that there are thousands of people like me who left the area that wanted to stay. We've moved to the Silicon Valley to change the future of technology. We've moved to Washington DC to change society. We've moved to New York City to take on the last frontier of modern capitalism. The truth is, we're not here. We're not home. Paul, it's great if you have connections to keep your family here once they graduate. Most families don't have that luxury. As the area ages, who wants to spend their "golden years" with their families thousands of miles away?

Our futures are bright with or without the area. The area has given us the tools necessary to make things happen, but the area would be much more successful and robust if we were home.

Who is going to change that perception of the area? Will it be the one who looks to keep wages down? Will it be the one who further degrades quality for a short run profit? Will it be someone else who actually wants to improve the area even at the risk of his own business prospects?

Unknown said...

j Kelly- My aplolgies for the snot nose remark. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks things through. You seem to be a very intelligent person who I am sad to say had to leave. We could use you here. I think you should check out some things about meuser and his company. I have done some research and his company pays above average wages for the area, offers health insurance, and profit sharing. i agree that racing to the botom starts the death cycle for an area but what I see here is opportunity. I have lived here for about 10 years and what i see is good people who have a good work ethic and a pretty good education system. Maybe I am a dreamer but i would like to think that our next congressman can bring some focus to creating economic opportunity for the area. I don't think this guy hackett can do this. he owns a temp company that plays to the lowest payor theory.

I also agree about the payoffs especially here in Luzerne county. Dems Gregg "debit card" skrepnak
(you don't live here so that is inside information) want their cut. Another factor is that HAckett gave to them ($5,000) and then got a 1.2 million dollar contract.

i was leaning towards hackett (met him in the fall) but I can't stand policitians that say one thing and do another. His actions with paying for Vincente Fox to speak here and then protesting him is the utmost in hypocrisy. There are a couple of people in the race, MEuser, Davis haire, Don Ely, and Swiderski. i will support any of them except for hackett