Friday, December 28, 2007

A challenge

Responding to the challenge of Robb Henderson in a LTE published in the Times-Leader who was one of the leaders that helped draft the Home Rule Charter that got shot down I found a copy and link to the report. It looks better everyday.

Here is his letter:

It’s time for county officials to move out and move on

As a former member of the Government Study Commission who helped draft the Home Rule Charter a few years ago, I just wanted to remind the voters of Luzerne County that there are copies of that wonderful document floating around.

I say this just in case anyone would like to dust off one and see where we might be instead of where we are.

We thought we had a good shot at passing the charter, but should have known that many voters would listen to the naysayers and fall for the line of bull-droppings from the candidates at the time.

Remember how Skrep and Todd told everyone how we do not need such a document and that it is not the system, but the people?

Well, let me see ... those who knocked the charter were put in office and now we see the same good-old-boy network: lies, deceit, “honest mistakes,” a sneaky $20-million weight on the taxpayers’ shoulders, a $14-million surprise that pops up right after Election Day and no one volunteering to resign. Go figure.

But this is the way Luzerne County works. First, pick a high-profile name. Don’t worry about expertise, or experience or common sense. Who needs those when you have a “D” on your voter registration?

Then let “The Machine” brainwash voters to vote a straight ticket. One click and you’re out the door. Quick and painless, right? Why waste time studying the candidates’ backgrounds or where they stand on issues?

It is obvious now, isn’t it?

Maybe people will take voting seriously next time, stop listening to the so-called hotshot politicians, forget about big names and favors and knock “The Machine” into oblivion. See where voting “D” got us?

But whether the person is a “D,” an “R” or an “I” should not matter. It is the integrity of the person, something we are lacking as far as politicians go in this Valley.

This latest fiasco with the current leadership should embarrass them to resign immediately. If you are too stupid not to know what should be charged and what should not be charged, or if you can’t tell the difference between a county debit card and personal debit card, you should not be in a position to make decisions for thousands of people.

It is time for all involved to step up and step out. Saying they are not going to resign over this is just pure arrogance and shows they have no regard for the people they represent.
It’s a no-brainer. All leaders involved need to step down now. Their trust is shot, and it shows they have no common sense or character. They are admitting and finding receipts only because they got caught.

Skrep needs to lead the parade out the door. This went on for 21 months under his leadership (and Todd’s, who bailed out early, hmm?) Sorry, I digress.

So let’s get the TV crew there at the courthouse for the resignation parade next week and watch the stars of the county walk into the sunset. (Just make sure they don’t take the county credit/debit cards with them or drive off in a county vehicle. They would probably want to be reimbursed for gas to the unemployment office.)

Anyway, if you can find a copy of the proposed Home Rule Charter, read it for yourself and see the kind of county we could have been living in.

Maybe someone will step up and bring it to the people again. We did all the work; a new commission could take it and run with it.

Then maybe – just maybe, because of the pathetic record of the current majority, the financial nightmare we are facing and the never-ending political games – people will wise up.
So find a copy of the Home Rule Charter and head for the courthouse next week for the resignation parade and fan the stars of the parade with them as they go into the real world and find jobs that will not be protected or defended when they lie, steal or screw up big time.

One final thought: Tim Grier, have you thought of running for commissioner?

Robb Henderson


Anonymous said...

The effort to bring home rule to Luzerne County should be bi-partisan. This is an issue of right and wrong and the changing of a corrupt system - not an issue of government centric or free market solutions.

It is clear to me that the current wasteful system is terribly broken and cannot be fixed.

Let us together move forward on this to bring "good government" to Luzerne County.

Right Winger said...

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be with home rule. Last time it was brought up the powers did the usual and scared the people in to thinking it would hurt the area. Maybe all of this could be the start of the next attempt to bring home rule in to the county.