Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pay it back

In the latest twist in the Luzerne County debit card scandal County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak has ordered officials who made purchases using county debit cards payback all the money then submit receipts to get reimbursement. Not a bad attempt at damage control along with throwing "Sapphire" Sam Hyder (thanks Corbett) under a bus.

Some people have come to Hyder's defense saying he is being made the scapegoat because he used his card to buy some drinks at a Las Vegas establishment that specializes in young women displaying liberated sweater puppies and was part of the group that paid $896.88 to dine at a French restaurant, that's a lot of snails and crepes. But I don't buy his color of the card confusion excuse and he may become the sacrificial lamb in the attempt to get this off the front pages when there should be wholesale slaughter in this affair.

This should be taken a step further. After the county gets it's money back any county bigwig that can't fully account for the charges without a really good explanation should be fired or in the case of the DebitCardmissioner himself, resign.

Taking my advice from yesterday District Attorney David W. Lupas has requested a review by the state Office of Attorney General.

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