Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bloggers in the news

Or in this case on the newscast.

Tonight the LuLac Political Letter had the opportunity to be part of the WYOU TV Interactive Newscast at 5, 530, 6 and 11PM. We were speaking about the financial mess in Luzerne County. Fellow guest, Kevin Lynn and I tried to sort out the story with help from WYOU TV viewers, e mailers and callers. It was a great opportunity and I'd like to thank the good people as well as Anchor Candace Grossklaus for keeping order in the spirited debate. Thank you to WYOU for their hospitality.

I only caught the 11PM edition because David didn't let us know he was going to be on TV until after the 6PM show and I usually don't watch local news anyway. Being in the presence of Candace Grossklaus may make him rethink his Geena Davis obsession.

Another Monkey wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the CV about the passing of Al Scaduto the author of the comic They’ll Do It Every Time but the the CV butchered it. That's why we blog my friend.

The Pike County Courier had a nice roundup of the republican 10th CD candidates that had this interesting tidbit at the end.

Aside from the parties’ national committees, the internet and blogosphere has also been keeping close tabs on the race, with sites likes and blogs such as sometimes picking up more hits than the candidate’s own Web sites. For more on the primary race, please visit .

A big thank you to reporter Nick Troiano.


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Congrats to bloggers making it to the local media!

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