Sunday, December 09, 2007

They paid it back

“We got a jail full of people who just wish they could pay back what they took,” Commissioner Steve Urban .

And we're supposed to be satisfied that the personal expenses charged to the county are OK because when they said it was some sort of mistake? This reminds me of the guys that were running ADELPHIA that got caught using company money to fund their lifestyles that the feds decided was income tax evasion. Sorry Greg, once you lose the public trust you can't get it back.

Skrep must be reading the blogs... “Members of the media, particularly the electronic media, have continued to beat the same horse.”

And we will will continue to beat the "dead horse" until you resign. Walter said on WILK that there will be a rally before the next commissioners meeting at 9AM December 17th. See you there.

Pictures speak louder than words so multi-media Markie of Merritville aka Wilkes-Barre Online sums it up.

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Anonymous said...

If this is how they act when they get caught, and nobody does anything...

Is their anyone out there still prepared to say that this place ain't run by the mob, and that the state and feds are bought off too?

Is there anyone out there who, after seeing the behavior of the Luzerne County elected officials, still believes that the voting machines are honestly programmed to record the vote that you are actually casting?