Monday, December 17, 2007

Luzerne County Debit Cards

A guest post from Paul Stebbins Jr .a recent canidate in the 120th State Rep district. He wrote it as an LTE to the CV but I'm sure they will chop it up. Here is the whole thing:

Dear Editor;
As we watch the snow fall I wondered about an article that was written on December 10th about Commissioner Skrepenak defending Sam Hyder's Job. I reread the article just to make sure I had my facts straight before I came up with an argument and here goes. Commissioner Skrepenak serves both on the Prison Board, as head of the Commissioners and also on several other posts. Why do our elected officials do such? Now with all the flap surrounding the debit cards whose name continually comes up? Your name Commissioner Skrepenak. He was quoted as saying "For future training, whatever will save the taxpayers money." After four years you have finally figured that out, congratulations. So here is how I will help Commissioner Skrepenak. I looked at the place where Sam Hyder stayed in Canandaigua, NY and went online to check prices. I was rather intrigued to know that online I can stay at a Super 8 in the same city for an average cost of 68.00 a night and breakfast is included. There's also an econolodge for 72.00 and a motel for 56.00 a night. I'm aware that a Super 8 doesn't seem like a great place but this wasn't his vacation, he was on taxpayer dollars. Instead Sam Hyder stayed at The Inn on the Lake at a nice average cost of 164.00 a night. Don't believe me , spend five minutes online like I did and you'll be amazed or disgusted. I don't know if 42,000 dollars means little to the Commissioners or not but that pays for a Children and Youth worker's salary or someone who actually contributes to the welfare of Luzerne County. Thanks Commissioner, Sam Hyder and anyone else that couldn't take the time to research and save taxpayers money. Now I hope you enjoy Mr. Grier's challenge because you brought this upon yourselves. Maybe now someone will resign or be fired because your failure to act over this says more than your empty "we're going to save the taxpayers money," routine that we keep hearing from you.

Paul Stebbins Jr.


Anonymous said...

Remove everybody from the county jobs and start with a clean slate. they are all crooked and liars... even the security guards all not too be trusted. I know.. I live near one and his attitude is "I can do antthing I want becasue I work for the county and carry a gun".. I kid you not.. thats is his mentality.

Why don't we hear about Skreps wife too that was or maybe still is a prison guard and was having sex with inmates?

Anonymous said...

Another thing.. My buddy is in the contractor filed.. he was told by people on the Skrep inside that if he doesnt attend the $1000 - $1500 political fund raiser, he can expect to never see work in the Wilkes-Barre area again. Skrep, get the F%@K out now and your little pansy friends and relatives.

You say it's blown out of proportion and you shouldnt be beating yourself up?!?! WOAH!!!!! When I was 12, I was with a friend that was got shoplifintg something from a local store... just because I was with him and had no knowledge of his actions, I WAS AN ACCOMPLISS and was taken in a police car to the station and a report written, etc..etc... I wasnt even guilty but thats how my life started as a youth and I see trash like you and your friends in office stealing and not even caring... GET OUT! Pussy's!