Sunday, December 09, 2007


We did it again because it's a tradition. The annual trek to Helen and Ed's Tree farm to murder an unsuspecting Spruce tree and drag it home to be abused by hanging all sorts of lights and ornaments on it was a treat. We took the dog and my sister and surpisingly decided on the first one we checked out and we were out of there in record time.

Now the hard part starts as I'll be required to drag box after box of collectable ornaments up from the basement but we'll get some help, sort of.

This is the raw product and if you're interested I'll post a photo of the finished one.

Now for a collision of YouTube weekend, Christmas traditions and my friends celebrating Hanukkah:

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A Big Fat Slob said...

Hey Hey

I've been getting my tree from Helen & Eds for about 30 years. It is no longer just a short jaunt, either. But I am one hard pressed to give up tradition.

Back in the day, when the kids were kids, we'd load them and the dog up the day after Thanksgiving and go on out and tag the tree (I don't think they do that anymore), and then go kill it the following weekend.

Fun time, and their saws are always nice and sharp.