Thursday, December 13, 2007

PA 10th CD news

Swiderski makes it official. From a press release:

Local Small Business Owner Officially Announces Candidacy for Congress

EXETER TOWNSHIP, PA - Paul R. Swiderski, MBA, a self-employed accountant and small business consultant has officially announced his candidacy for U.S Representative in the 10th congressional district. I filed the appropriate papers with the Federal Election Commission in October, but I decided to delay the campaign by two months because my wife and I recently had a new baby. My family and I decided that it was best to wait until we were accustomed to our new life changes before kicking off the campaign, said Paul.

I am running to represent the people of the 10th Congressional District. Our elected officials generally don't represent anyone except their own interests, which solves none of the problems we have here in NEPA, elsewhere in the U.S. and overseas. Politics as usual needs to end, and if we are going to make any changes we need to begin electing into office individuals who truly care about the people they are supposed to represent and people who are serious about restoring America and fighting to protect traditional values.

Millionaires trying to buy their way into Congress, large corporate executives, and politicians who have been in office way too long are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent. They don't live the same way as the voters in the district do. They don't experience the same problems that most people in the district do. They certainly can't relate to the voters and therefore cannot effectively represent the people.

Among the candidates competing for the opportunity to take back the seat lost to Chris Carney last election, only I can relate to, in all respects, the people, values and issues impacting the people of the 10th Congressional District. I am neither a millionaire, corporate executive, nor an experienced politician. I am merely a small business owner in NEPA who has the same concerns as most of the people in the district. The need for affordable quality health insurance, lower gas prices and home heating costs, lower taxes, and accountability in government top the list of concerns.

With an education from Bishop Hoban High School (now Holy Redeemer) and a B.S. degree in accounting from King's College, Paul has his roots grounded firmly in the soil of northeastern Pennsylvania. Aside from being a businessman, Paul enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and foraging. He is also a proud Christian and family man: fortunate to be the husband to the most beautiful wife in the world and blessed with three wonderful children, ages 6, 2, and 5 weeks.

Interview update: I will be meeting with Paul just after the New Year and Dan Meuser the week before. As we get closer I'll put up an open thread for your questions.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he's the Republican's best candidate. Hackett and Meuser are undeniably bad candidates. This is Carney's seat again.

Anonymous said...

I own a small business in Kingston. A friend, another small business owner, of mine told me that his accountant was running for office a few weeks ago. I surfed his website and felt somewhere in between "he's just too good to be true" and "Meuser/Hackett will tear this kid apart." Today, he just came into my store asking to meet the owner. The girl that works for me got me and I knew who he was before I got close enough to shake his hand. Well, I figured he made the effort to walk in and talk to me, so I might as well listen to his 30 second schpeil. Instead of talking, he listened to my concerns. I found that unusual coming from a politician. He didn't care that I was taking up a lot of time telling him about my struggles as a small business owner. I picked his brain with accounting questions, too. My accountant doesn't give me any advice. Paul Swiderski listened to my concerns, showed me ways to save money in taxes, gave me some ideas on how to grow my business, told me what he wanted to do for small businesses, and convinced me that he deserves my vote. I now have a different opinion of this "kid."

Anonymous said...

Great, now Swiderski is planting remarks just like Hackett and Meuser! A good Republican, please rescue us!

Anonymous said...

I think Swiderski would be smarter than that if he were to plant something.

Anonymous said...

No he wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like a plant. Dumb move. Let's ignore this guy and move on.

Anonymous said...

No wonder no one wants to run. You guys "move on" and make them toast before they even get a chance to say anything. Quit looking at what everybody else has to say about any of the candidates and look at what the candidates say, then make up you mind!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll take your advice. After researching these 3 buffoons, I'm writing in Carney!

Anonymous said...

Swiderski, a joke without a punch line.

Hackett a filler of temp positions,and a hypocrite.

He pays to have Vincente Fox appear locally, and then protests his appearance.

Wake up people, we need to nominate someone who can win,someone who knows, and is known in Washington, someone who has demonstrated he can reduce wasteful spending, and most importantly someone who can beat Chris Carney.

That someone, ladies and gentleman, is Dan Meuser.

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous comment is from me, KAR, I hit the wrong button.

I wouldn't want anyone accusing me of hiding behind anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Good for you KAR, but Meuser isn't the right guy. We don't want him. Sorry. We just feel he's the wrong guy and give local Republicans a worse name than we already have.

Anonymous said...

local republicans?