Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Big upset

Stefanie Salavantis defeats Jackie Musto Carroll for Luzerne County District Attorney.

Stefanie J. Salavantis (REP) . . . . 31,776
Jackie Musto Carroll (DEM). . . . . 30,811



Anonymous said...

The luzerne county heynas have once again voted with ignorant anger. First the county council and now an immature DA. The Salavantis campaign's commercials characterizing the local residents as a bunch of backward rubes seemed to be more accurate than anyone could have imagined. Only here in NEPA would voters elect someone who had such a low opinion of them

Pope George Ringo said...

Watching Miss Salavantis on the tube last night she reminded me of a valley girl.
Poor speech pattern, redundant in that poor speech and basically clueless.
And this is the woman we will have as our county's chief law enforcement officer?
Good Luck Luzerne County.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show..if you spend enough money you can have a chance to destroy a county.

Anonymous said...

If she presents cases, twisting and distorting facts, the way she ran for office, then she will have a zero conviction rate. People need to keep an eye on her, those she is surrounded by got her where she is, and they WILL want something in return. Let's see if she really has integrity.

Anonymous said...

Stef's parrents just urchased her the bigest toy of her life and what she doesn't know is that she can't return it when she finds out it is too big for her to play with. Is this child abuse?

Anonymous said...

Did you see her tell her mother To SHUT-UP on TV on election nite !!!! Mom pays $300,000.00 + so she wins a job and the bitch tells Mom to shut-up !!!! BOY ARE WE IN DEP SHIT!!!