Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chris Carney for Congress

I have been sitting on this story because I wanted to confirm some details and talk to Chris Carney before throwing out speculation without doing my homework. But if you snooze you loose and the Dean of local political reporters Borys beat me to it.

Carney could be planning comeback

Like Borys I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to talk with Carney despite contacting everyone I know that is in touch with him. They assured me that they passed on my messages but the phone has yet to ring.

I have been able to confirm is that there is a Chris Carney for Congress campaign staff and an Act Blue Page with 25 donors so far. He has also sent out of couple of teaser emails.

There is a Draft Chris Carney Facebook group which I thought was wishful thinking as there is also a Draft Dick Cheney page backing a war criminal for President. The page administrator passed along a few emails from Carney that I questioned the veracity at first but they turned out to be legit. I put them on Google Docs so you view can view them. Resonable Ledership and a Veterans day message.

Tom Marino certainly deserves a challenge as he has voted in lockstep with the Republican leadership including supporting the Paul Ryan plan that would destroy Medicare and blow up the budget. Then he voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment that would make the Ryan plan impossible, even Ryan voted against it. He even favors other radical proposals.

CV: Marino said downsizing government is a way to cut wasteful government spending while keeping taxes low. Just like businesses, he said the federal government must do more with less and should revert back to the spending levels of 2002....He suggested getting rid of government agencies such as the Department of Energy, Department of Education, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Internal Revenue Service which, he said, is "causing grief for people trying to run a small business."

We will probably have to wait until redistricting is done to find out if Susquehanna County will be in the 10th or 11th CD to get a decision from Carney. Although he can run in either district if runs against Lou Barletta and his home is in the 10th you will hear the carpetbagger charge.

The clock is clicking so he will have to make a decision soon if he is going to able to raise the money to mount a challenge to either one of them.

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