Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Republican PA US Senate candidates

It has been a long time since Pennsylvania has reelected a Democratic Senator, I think Joe Clark was the last one. Bob Casey clobbered Rick Santorum in 2006 propelling Santorum into a run for President that will get barbers laughing again.

So far 9 Republicans have lined up to take on our Senior Senator with a few others looking at the race.

Nine and Counting? GOP Contenders Vie For Casey's Senate Seat

The candidates are:

Tim Burns (R) - BioTech Executive & '10 US Rep. Nominee
David Christian (R) - Business Consultant, Vietnam War Veteran & '84/'86 US Rep. Nominee
Laureen Cummings (R) - Tea Party Activist, Nurse & Businesswoman
John Kensinger (R) - Pharmacist & '10 Write-In CandidateKeith Loiselle (R) - Medical Technology Executive
Sam Rohrer (R) - Ex-State Rep., Businessman & '10 Gov. Candidate
Marc Scaringi (R) - Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
Tom Smith (R) - Retired Coal Mining Company Owner & Tea Party
John Vernon (R) - Retired Army Officer & Iraq War Veteran
Steve Welch (R) - Biotech Corporation CEO, Mechanical Engineer & Ex-Democrat

This field will be whittled down before the April 2012 Primary because some of them will not be able to get the 2000 signatures to get on the ballot and the Republicans usually line up behind whoever wins state party endorsement. I'm rooting for Lackawanna County underdog Laureen Cummings and I have been invited to an event for John Vernon. Sam Rohrer is the most familiar name having run for Governor in 2010 but got crowded out before the primary.

Steve Welch is an atractive candidate because he can self finance a campaign and has put up a web ad that is worthy of the Onion. My lefty friends rip it apart but I think that it is so stupid that it is funny. Get a sense of humor people.

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: BOB CASEY BORN IN KENYA, POSSIBLY GAY - A new web video from Pennsylvania Senate candidate Steve Welch is your latest demon sheep. The fake "Nightline"-style news segment highlights similarities between Bob Casey and President Obama's politics by postulating that the Pennsylvania senator and the commander-in-chief are actually twins and/or the same person (it's a little muddled in that respect). A slew of fake "experts" testify to Casey and Obama's alleged familial connection. It's a cute concept, and the production values are truly top notch. However, instead of leaving the viewer with the impression that Obama and Casey are related, the basic takeaway is that the two men are really gay for each other. The video features a torrent of photos of the men wearing the same clothing (including one withmatching argyle sweaters!). The announcer asks, "Is it possible Casey has some unconscious desire to become one person with Obama and somehow morph together?" He goes on to ask Dr. Melinda Farraday, "body language expert," whether she "see[s] two colleagues who just think and act the same, or is there something deeper?" Dr. Farraday is unequivocal: "The touching and the hugging, much more than you would ever see by just two colleagues." Take it to Vermont, you two!

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Anonymous said...

I don't see these type ads as being funny. We are living in the midst of idiots who believe any and everything they see on a screen. The problem is that in a close election these idiots can make the difference. A disclaimer should be mandatory.