Monday, November 07, 2011

James O'Meara Sr. for Plains Township Commissioner

Tomorrow my neighbors and I will select 3 people out of 4 candidates running for Commissioner in my little burgh of Plains, PA. Plains is a great place to live. For the most part crime is low with most of it being a domestic dispute, the Turkey Hill getting robbed or some nonsense at the Moghegan Sun and/or The Woodlands. Our streets are being paved and the price of trash bags was reduced because of the windfall from the Casino. That being said not everything is perfect and we can always use some improvement.

In addition to the host municipality fee Plains Township gets for putting up with the casino there is another pot of money for the health, safety and economic development projects in those counties where the casinos are located. In the last 3 years the Plains Twp Board of Commissioners have kicked backed a million dollars a year to the Casino to pave the parking lot that is located on top of the old East Side Landfill neglecting other needs such as purchasing a new ladder truck for the fire department. Kevin Blaum documented that a few years ago. Such nonsense, we are supposed to make money off the place not subsidise it.

Sure enough, there was an application on DCED’s list for $5 million, half the amount available, to remove garbage from Mohegan Sun land to enlarge its parking lot. Obviously Mohegan is capable of paying for its own paving and garbage removal. Yet this project survived DCED’s initial cut (an official act) while many projects in other communities did not.
It’s important to note that a casino may not apply for this money. If it did, it would be laughed out of town. ...To end-run this prohibition, the application was submitted by none other than Plains Township (an official act). This application, if approved, would return $5 million to Mohegan Sun at the expense of other municipalities that need these funds.
Why would anyone do such a thing? Follow the money.

Another old story that bugs me but nothing ever came of it.

From SOP: More Corruption Allegations In Luzerne County: Plains Township

According to Andy Mehalshick, lead I-Team investigator, Pennsylvania State Police are looking into allegations of use or misuse of taxpayer-funded equipment and township employees with particular focus on the Department of Public Works. The township is now conducting an internal investigation. Steven Menn of Plains Township says, “As I understand it the board is going to do an internal investigation to find out what is going on. That information has to be looked into, and who’s making that complaint and what actual allegations are, I don't believe we have all the information of those involved or who is making the complaint."One Township Commissioner, Ron Fillipini, stated he supported an independent investigation by an agency such as the State Police.

I've never seen the report of the so called independent investigation. I asked the DPW people that I know about this but they wouldn't confirm or deny anything. One said I just can't talk about it.

2 of the Democrats were also able to snag Republican write-in nominations, long time Commish Brigid Murray O'Conner and Ciro Cinti. Ron Filippini is other incumbent. It s nice club if you can be invited to join. There is one outsider running and I hope he shakes it up.

James O'Meara Sr

He answers the most important question:

I will oppose gas drilling in Plains Township. That’s as plain as I can say it.

Closing statement:

My name is James O’Meara Sr. and I’ve been a resident of Plains Township since 1984 when I married my wife, Ann M arie, from the Keystone section of Plains. Both of my children were born and raised here, and both still reside here (my daughter at home, and my son and his family just across the yard).

I attended Penn State as an undergraduate from 1975 through 1978. I left to work full-time. I also attended College Misericordia during the early years of my marriage, and left to work full-time to support a growing family. In short, I have a pile of college credits but never got the sheepskin. I don’t regret that one bit. That decision led me to where I am today, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Over the years, I have advanced in my career through hard work and my own initiative. I haven't been afraid to take chances. I follow some advice my father gave me: Always bite off a little more than you think you can chew. I’ve worked at US Foods in Pittston since 1995, and my father’s advice has served me well during my time there. I’ve had to tackle complex problems and respond to challenges that were difficult at times, but always exciting. I worked my way up from a computer tech to the manager of a department that at one time was responsible for the data operations of three warehouses in three states.
If there is one lesson I learned above all, something driven home by my first political campaign last year when I ran for State Representative, it is that the People matter above all else. I’ve learned you don’t run against other candidates. You run for the People.

I don’t bring a wealth of political experience to the plate. I bring a dogged perseverance to find solutions, a passion to serve, and a love of hard work. I believe I can make a difference in Plains Township . I will ask hard questions. I will look for creative solutions to problems. I will work for you with the same passion I bring to everything I’ve attempted in life. I will be available and accessible.

If you would like to hear a new voice as Commissioner, I ask that you bullet vote for me on November 8.

Thank you, and together let’s make a difference!

James O’Meara, Sr.

James O'Meara, Sr.Republican Candidate for Commissioner


Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances, I would have voted for Mr. O'Meara but with what has been going on with the Republican assault on the working middle class, I cannot in good conscious vote for a Republican. Yes I know it is only a local election but I bet O'Meara voted for our Governor who is attacking our educational system and our US Senator Toomey who is a part of the "Say No to Everything" Senate. If national republicans did not have local Republican support, we would not have the negative actions in Washington that we are experiencing. Just say NO to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

4:09 AM, I agree with your thought that for National Republicans to be successful, they needs local Republicans to form their base of support. OK, no Republicans for me. I wasn't foting for Salavantis or Urban anyway but now I won't vote for th3e others either.

Anonymous said...
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Gort said...

Anon 9:24

I don't like to delete comments but you are accusing someone of a crime.

If you evidence to back up your allegations please contact the Pennsylvania State Police.