Sunday, November 06, 2011


Another way to annoy people with unwanted telephone calls. I've only received 2 so far, today it was from Joe Sestak asking me support Democrats on Tuesday. The one on my machine on Friday was a real hoot. A woman's voice saying Jackie Musto Carroll did nothing to stop the kids for cash scandal and even worse denied it even happened in a radio interview. She ends by saying it's time finish cleaning up the courthouse. Pittston Politics got the same call and observes It, however, did not have a “paid for” disclaimer. A violation of election law.

The call came from a number in Utah 801-410-7248. I did a google search to try to find the owner of the number but I couldn't nail it down. Reading the reverse lookup sites it appears to be from a telemarketing firm that ignores the do not call registry trying sell some product or other.


Anonymous said...

Paid for disclaimers are not required on robocalls under the Pennsylvania Code. Previous legislation was proposed however failed to be passed in the state legislature.

Anonymous said...

Section 1638 (25 P.S. §3258). Advertising.
(a) Whenever any person makes an expenditure for the purpose of financing
communications expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate, or ballot
questions, through any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, outdoor
advertising facility, direct mailing, or any other type of general public political
advertising, such communication:
(1) If authorized by the candidate, his authorized political committee or their
agents, shall clearly and conspicuously state that the communication has been
(2) If not authorized by a candidate, his authorized political committee, or
their agents, shall clearly and conspicuously state the name of the person who made
or financed the expenditure for the communication, including, in the case of a
political committee the name of any affiliated or connected organization.

Anonymous said...

Salavantis would not know anything about election campaign laws, that's the part of the bar exam she failed ...... but ...... she did pass the bar the second time. She obviously can thorw all the mud she wants and Jackie Musto Carroll stays on the high road. Well Jackie you won't go there but I will ...... this kid has been a lawyer for two years, has never tried a jury trial and failed the bar exam the first time she took it. Then she inflates her business experience by saying she hires and fires for her parents business and worked in her grandfather's hot dog joint (really great hot dogs, honest!) but as a regular at the majestic restaurant, I can tell you that from eating thier great dogs and bergers at least once a week for years,, I have never seen he in the restaurant so who's kidding who .... opps, i forgot this is political mud slinging so she isn't kidding about working at the restaurant, she is flat out lying!

Anonymous said...

Gort42, I would report the robo call ASAP! Laws should be followed not broken...shame, Stefanie is a Lawyer and cant follow the rules. She will be a nightmare as DA criminals will go free because Stefanie dosnt have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I know Stefanie personally, and I am very surprised by her actions, and not pleasantly so. Although I am not a Republican, I toyed with the idea of voting for her because, in my experience, she is a good person who works hard, and the same is true for her entire family, but given these events, I am glad I decided against it. (I am out of town for work, so I already voted via absentee.)

Big Dan said...

Get Magic Jack. It's $19/year, FREE ALL CALLS, no spam. I haven't gotten one spam or political call yet. FREE long distance, free everything, free voice mail, etc...

That's for about $1.50/month, Bub.

No, I don't work for Magic Jack or have stock in it. lol