Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Pa out

BREAKING: Joe Paterno out at Penn State

Many people have called for Joe Paterno to step down over the last few years but nobody thought it would end like this. If anything the people I know predicted that the only way you would get him off the football field would be on a stretcher. I'm not going to join the lynch mob calling for his head as I'm not sure exactly what Mike McQueary told him. The Board of Trustees caved into the media frenzy without doing a proper investigation.

Bloggers have drawn parallels to the Catholic Church scandal.

Bless Them Father For They Have Sinned.

The Least Of Our Brethren

I can't put my finger on it but I remember hearing stories about Jerry Sandusky's bad behavior a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

"I heard stories about Jerry Sandusky's bad behavior years ago"<
So, JOPA didnt?
SOrry, but you are way off base on this one. As many pundits said, this is very much like the catholic church situations.
Paterno knew SOMETHING was up with the kid---there is NO debate about that. HE still sees the dude who showered reporting to work and is a close friend.
i guess the only way that I can ask is if YOU were in JOPAs position, would you do what he did????
And if so, explain why to the subseqauent kids who were abused.
Sleep well, GO LIONS--screw the kids!!! WE LOVE JOPA!!!!! MORE THAN JESUS HIMSELF!!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Paterno was fired for following institution policy. Sandusky was no longer an employee of Joe Paterno's when McQuery walked in and witnessed the molestation.
Could he have done more, yes. Should he have done more, yes. There are valid discussions on both sides, but he has, as far as we know, done nothing criminal. Emotions as always get in the way of rational thought --- and what gets forgotten is the slime who is accused.
If it turns out Paterno knew more, if he participated in a cover up, then the actions of the board of trustees is justified. If it turns out in the other direction, then the school may have one serious lawsuit against it from Paterno. As well as talk show hosts, Paterno is not an elected official; he can be libeled and slandered.
All in all the worst of the situation is we are taking the conversation away from the perpetrator and his victims.
However, with his firing, after Saturday's game, the conversation will die down for a while, until more information comes out, so the board as deflected for the time being.

Stephen Albert said...

A 10 year old ("Victim 2" in the indictment) was being raped by Sandusky and sees that the rape is momentarily observed by McQueary.

McQueary walks away.

The rape continues.


What did Joe Paterno do after hearing this? We are not talking about some missing jock straps. McQueary TOLD Paterno it was Sandusky doing something of a "sexual nature" with a boy (Indictment, page 7). At that moment what was more important to Joe Paterno...a game...his program...or child having been raped? He made his decision by doing the BARE MINIMUM he thought he was required to do. Why? Because the game...his program...they were more important than that 10 year old boy.

Gort I respect the hell out of you...but you are dead wrong on this one. There isn't ENOUGH of a frenzy when it comes to this issue.

- Steve Albert (PSU Alumni)

Anonymous said...

Many are saying Joe should have gone to the police himself, and may be he should have, when one sets the bar as high as Joe did, you don't get to pass under it. But since he did not witness the crime, he really isn't the one to do the reporting. While I think Joe should have done more, the real villain here is Sandusky, it seems that we are forgetting this. I often find it odd that people need to blame everyone but the actual criminal.
That poor young boy, you are right what must he have been thinking? He may have seen his salvation and then realized all that walked in on them was a coward.

Stephen Albert said...

Anonymous...Okay, I'll say it for the record: There is no punishment for Jerry Sandusky that would bring justice to this case. He is a f*&king monster who ripped the childhood away from pre-teen and teen age boys.

Now had the likes of Paterno, McQueary had acted, how many boys would have been spared all of this?

Anonymous said...


Donald John Williams said...

To Anon 7:46 - as the parent of an honors student at PSU are scum. Care to post your real name? Thought not.

Anonymous said...
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Don Williams said...

Who said anything about football? Who said I supported anyone who let this happen? My comment was directed at your comment; labeling all of PSU as Perverts. Period. At many levels, I feel sorry for you as well.

Don Williams said...

P.S.: Gort: As you use Statcounter to track & record traffic on your blog, I know you have the IP address of Anon - 4:39 PM. If his claims are true - which I doubt - he testified in front of a grand jury, and more than likely has an attorney. I'm sure they - and others - would be interested in the comments being posted online by someone claiming to be a victim in an ongoing criminal investigation. Please forward the IP address to me offiline, and I'll get it to the appropriate authorities ASAP. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Gort42 for deleting my post and leaving the "threats and name calling" by Mr. Don Williams.

Also, on Mr Williams blog...11/11
"to mysurpise, I am far more troubled by the recent revelations regading former PSU Coach Jerry Sandusky than I expected or want to be. From ABSOLUTE disgust to nuclear rage fueled by surges of adrenaline, I am experiencing a wide range of emotions. Additionally, I wretch at the writings and words of all those 'holier than thou' folks out there, including the media-types, bloggers, and especially... the menbers of PSU Board of Trustees. All of them."

"Let (S)he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Susquehanna River Sentinel

Mr. Williams and Gort42...
I'll be waiting...