Monday, November 07, 2011

Luzerne County DA

Stefanie Salavanits campaign has tried to make the Luzerne County DA's race into a referendem on the kids for cash scandal. It seems she is not running against the present DA as she is running against Mark Ciavarella trying to tie or smear her for his association to him.

It just may work.

Peter Paul (PPO-2) lost a rentention vote because of this and the Luzerne County Government looks different after the kids for cash scandal.

I have never seen a slash and burn campaign like this locally.

Another hard hitting commercial:


Anonymous said...

When it doesn't work the people who concocted this scheme should be ashamed of themselves and should be accountable after the election. their motives are far from magnatimous .

Anonymous said...

Okay. Let's forget the accusations of who knew what and when for just one moment and ask ourselves a question that I don't think anyone has really asked yet.

Do You Want Stefanie Salavantis, with no court room experience whatsoever, handling Hugo Selenski?

Anonymous said...

Salivantis has no more business in this race than I do and being a machinist for 35 years doesn't qualify me to be DA and being a lawyer with no experience does not qualify Salavantis.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Students, the greatest Atty. Gen. of the U.S.--the chief law enforcement offficer of the land {if you want to believe the liberal historians} was Robert F. Kennedy. Upon appointment to the position, he had NO in depth legal experience.
Have I made my point????
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Professor Mildumb, once again you take the position of a complete asshole! Thanks for sharing your idiot opinion. Now go to your romm and continue playing with yourself.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Anon, 2:04: Usually I do not waste my time responding to apes, but I must respond to your pointless, juvenile posting.
You have no depth of the supposed subject of which you pertain knowledge.
Many of the young have laughed at my predictions on this site over the past several years. Many laughed when I stated Mr. Obama was doomed to be a spineless and unremarkable leader. I tried to convince you youngsters to support Mrs. Clinton and yet you all called me pornographic names instead and went on your merry way.
Now, your party is ina shambles and the GOP is ready to take back the white house with Mr. Romney in charge.
And of course all of you young slackers who were bleeding for Mr. Obama will sleep off your daily hangover on election day next year to make this possible.
I hope you take the time to check out Gort's archives and my past lectures. Then you will see....
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!