Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday starts early

The last few years the big retailers have been opening up at 5AM or earlier offering "door buster deals" but they decided that wasn't good enough with many of them opening the doors at midnight or earlier on Thanksgiving Day. I can't imagine going to work or shopping after my triptophan induced coma. We watched the Lady Ga Ga special when I woke up.

I know that many stores make a big chunk of their yearly profits in the Christmas shopping season but this is ridiculous. The local news have stories about people camping out waiting for the doors to open then showing the rush. This will only encourage the big box stores to shit all over their employees. No wonder Occupy Wall Street has hit a nerve.

An employee of Target collected 200,000 signatures on a petition asking the company to roll back its Black Friday shopping hours but the corporate mouthpiece said no go because the shoppers demanded that they open at midnight. She added the the company big wigs would also be in the office early. Expect this guy to be fired in a couple of months on some "unrelated issue". The human toll not only includes the loss of family time.

PAHOKEE, Fla. -- A woman coming home from working her early-morning Black Friday shift at Target fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a canal, Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies said Friday.

Pure Bunkum sums it nicely with tongue firmly in cheek: Finally, the stores get us.
We want Thanksgiving out of the way as fast as possible. It’s a nuisance holiday standing between us and our Christmas shopping.

Mrs. G wanted to drag me out shopping today, I'd rather eat glass. I'm not going to deal with this nonsense

But few can have expected even the most determined of bargain-hunters to adopt the brutal tactics of one female shopper in a Los Angeles suburb who attacked her rivals with pepper-spray: a substance more recently associated with police brutality against Occupy Wall Street protesters...At least 20 people, including several children, were injured as the woman deployed her weapon....

This reminds me of the famous Zayre's Cabbage Patch Riot

They consequently caused consumer mayhem like in the above video clip from 1983 when a riot at Zayre's department store in Wilkes-Barre, PA broke out in which shoppers had limbs broken and teeth knocked out-- all in an effort to get to these "adoptable" lil creatures

The Blogfather had a few posts about the riot when he was writing Wilkes-Barre Online


Mrs. G said...

Mrs. G wanted to take Mr. G shopping today to buy gifts HE needs to purchase, not me. My shopping is pretty much complete. Also, Saturday isn't a good day because it's "College Football Saturday" and Sunday is no good because it's "NFL Sunday", so I figured today was my best bet. Also, he kind of Zzzz'd through Lady Gaga, turkey nap, ya know. Hope you all had a happy turkey day.

Mrs. G said...

Saturday is "Shop Local Day", so please do so. Go to Boscov's is Wilkes-Barre and buy as many of your gifts there as you can. Also, they wrap for free. Give the girls a couple of bucks just for saving you lots of time and aggravation. Go to any small local business and buy just one thing. Screw Wal-Mart, at least for one day.

Michelle HD said...

My grandfather was totally in the Cabbage Patch riots at Zayre's, for ME. The sad thing is, I never played with dolls ever during my childhood, so it was all for nothing. You can ask my Mom about it the next time you see her, she'll tell you the whole story!

Anonymous said...

is boscov scranton okay? the w-b store is geared to the the 60 year and older crowd, at least men's department is. much nicer and more stylish men's clothing in scranton

Mrs. G said...

Just shop local, not just today but whenever you can. It helps your friends and neighbors. Any Boscov's is a good choice - and don't forget about the FREE gift wrapping!

Unknown said...
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