Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wilkes-Barrre Mayor and City Council

What about the School Board?

Most of the attention in the city of my birth this election has been focused on the Mayor's race pitting incumbent Democrat Tom Leighton against Republican Lisa Cope and Libertarian Betsy Summers. Most incumbents like it when there are more than 2 names on the ballot in the General Election in a local election. The TL political reporter quotes 2 Captains Obvious confirming that

Political science professors see two challengers dividing city’s opposition vote

Tom Baldino of Wilkes University and David Sosar of King’s College say Leighton already has several advantages in the race, but with two candidates vying for the votes of discontented residents, the two-term Democrat becomes an even safer bet.

The Citizens Voice ran profiles of the candidates for the 5 Wilkes-Barre city council seats. W-B will see at least 3 new council members next year.

Incumbent councilmen targeted in Wilkes-Barre

Nov. 8 election to change face of Wilkes-Barre council

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Anonymous said...

Wilkes Barre School Board .. NO vote for Elmy. He has enough jobs at the Voch Tech.