Saturday, November 19, 2011

Redistricting of PA Congressional seats

This is the latest look of what NEPA Congressional Districts might look like according to a story by Borys in the Scranton Times today. It looks a lot different than the one that was floated in the spring and will probably be adjusted again before the final Gerrymandering is done by the Harrisburg Republicans.

This configuration has some pluses and many minuses. I like that all of Luzerne County would be in the same district and Scranton would have a different Congressman than Wilkes-Barre.

The first problem is Scranton would be in the wrong district. Until the last chop up Scranton was the anchor of the 10th CD and was ably represented for many years by Republican Joe McDade who today would be considered a RINO but in the old parlance was called a Rockefeller Republican . In today's atmosphere a guy like McDade would face a primary challenge.

This map makes the 17th CD look like a snake slithering through 5 counties with Scranton being the rattle at the end. It takes most of Carbon and Monroe counties out of the 11th but keeps most of the 10th CD counties intact except for Lackawanna.

The thing that really is annoying is that many districts don't make sense geographically. The proposed 17th CD doesn't have an entire county in it's boundaries which will create confusion. The redistricing process should be removed from the legislature and given to a committee of some grand poobahs then voted on by our salons. A hand full of states have commissions that draw the lines but I won't hold my breath waiting for Pennsylvania to adopt a fair system.

Shawn Kelly, a spokesman for Mr. Barletta, said the congressman "is not focused on redistricting."

Renita Fennick, a spokeswoman for Mr. Marino, said he had no comment on the map.

11th CD Democratic challenger Bill Vinsko told me:

"I am committed to serving the people of Northeast and Central Pennsylvania regardless of
the exact location of the 11th Congressional District boundaries. It's time to get things done for the
people. What I said when I announced remains true: I'm not running only as a Democrat or Republican, I am running as an American. Political map makers cannot control the people no matter how hard they try. You either get the job done or you don't. I'm going to get the job done."

Bill Vinsko has finally added some content to his website. Check it out

Bill Vinsko for Congress

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Anonymous said...

the party of making it right again. you would think that the Repbublican party would do away with candidate protection .........and i have heard that Democrats redrew lines to advantage them, if it is true and it might be, WHY arent the Republicans putting theselves above D's and changing the way we do business in DC?