Friday, November 11, 2011

Lou Barletta's spending spree

I have received a series of press releases from Congressman Lou Barletta recently that call for more spending by the federal government that will benefit Northeastern Pennsylvania and the country. No mention of deficits or a way to pay for it (taxes).

Rep. Barletta votes to increase veterans' benefits

“Our veterans deserve the very best care and compensation we can provide, and this legislation will make sure that our veterans with service-connected disabilities receive a much-needed and well-deserved cost-of-living adjustment this year,” Rep Barletta said.

Can't argue with that but it will increase the deficit.

Rep. Barletta calls for disaster relief funding for farmers

“Our nation's farmers have experienced a rise in natural disasters this year, including tornadoes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tropical storms earthquakes, and most recently, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. While farmers are normally able to recover from crop losses, the intensity and volume of this year's natural disasters has threatened their very livelihoods."

Can't argue with that but it will increase the deficit.

Rep. Barletta supports increased funding for LIHEAP

“Thousands of people in Northeastern Pennsylvania rely on LIHEAP to stay warm during the winter months. With the lagging economy and the high cost of energy, I’m very concerned that the most needy in our communities have access to the valuable benefits LIHEAP provides,” Rep. Barletta said. “We’re barely into November, and we’ve already had unseasonably cold temperatures and a heavy snowfall. I worry about how the most vulnerable members of my district will be able to stay warm in what seems like will be a long, cold season. Keeping or increasing LIHEAP funding might save lives, and it’s the right thing to do.”

Barletta is proposing to spend more money on this program than than the Obama Administration budgeted. Can't argue with that but it will increase the deficit.

Barletta bill will lower federal disaster relief loan rates to 1 percent for homeowners and business owners

"When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the United States is the first country to help rebuild. But now that a disaster occurred here in our own backyard, we must start rebuilding here. Let’s help Americans first. We must restore American lives, save American businesses, and protect American jobs.”

Shades of Dan Flood when he got 1% SBA loans after the Agnes flood. Good for him.

Rep. Barletta announces federal buyouts for Plymouth Township

“These buyouts are good news for Plymouth Township residents who have been seeking this news for a very long time. I’m pleased and proud to tell these families that they will no longer have to suffer through repeated flooding and the process of rebuilding their lives,” Rep. Barletta said. “I hope these families will be able to live without worrying about flooding ever again, and I wish them well.”

This program has been around for some time but Congress has not fully funded it and it will increase the deficit.

Is Barletta trying to emulate long time 10th CD Congressman Joe McDade by voting for every tax cut but vote for every spending program that brings home the pork?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Lou is in campaign mode. I saw a TV commercial the other day stating Lou will not support cutting Medicare benefits. I guess he thinks we forgot that one of the first votes he made in Washington was to KILL Medicare, not reduce it, but eliminate it. Can't unring the bell Lou. We see you marching lock step with Speaker Boehner and Erik Cantor.

Anonymous said...

Barletta ca sig any tune he wants but the fact remains that the earlier post reminding us that Lour Barletta voter lock stsep with Speaker Boehner is an absolute fact and he can't hide from his Congressional voting record. If I ran agains't Lou Barletta, that's the only ad I would run .... Lou Barletta voted to KILL MEDICARE.

Pope George Ringo said...

Mark my words, Lou Barletta will be re-elected. Hell, we are just months from the Primary and no serious names are floating on the Democrat side. That's says it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pope, guess you never heard of a WB attorney named Vinsko. Better get to learn it, he will be replacing Lou Barletta. Of course, depending on how the Harrisburg GOP draws lines, Barletta's replacement might be Cris Carney. In either case, Bye Bye Bluebird.

Anonymous said...

I hear Lou isnt doing so well on family values either. When will this young man learn, "till death do us part"

McGruff said...

Gort, that last comment is an absolute lie... There are no family issues with the Barlettas whatsoever... What an ass to suggest such a thing...