Thursday, May 01, 2008

The brother-in-law effect

We all know what that is. Sometimes it's good for a million dollars in business.

Vita bill totals $1.1 million
County psychologist made “twice as much as what he’d make in private practice,” another local practitioner says...

Frank Vita was paid $233,005 to provide juvenile psychological evaluations for Luzerne County’s court system from July 2001 through 2003, bringing his total receipts to more than $1.1 million, county records show...Vita is the brother-in-law of Court of Common Pleas senior Judge Mike Conahan.

Conahan was the President Judge before his retirement and decided who to hire for professional services. Our new Common Pleas President Judge Mark Ciavarella says Vita is doing a great job. Ciavarella is contending that the courts can't be directed what to do by the county commissioners citing a separation of powers argument.

David doesn't buy that and suggest: So if the Judges are a separate branch of government, maybe Petrilla and Urban can get a couple of double wides and move the Judge’s offices to the Forty Fort Airport for starters.

The Lu Lac Political Letter also points out that over half the kids that go through the juvenile court system don't have lawyers but they get to sit down with a shrink that is billing the county $90 an hour. I don't know what a public defender makes but it is probably less.


Anonymous said...

is this the same judge who in his own judgment stated Guesto was most "qualified?"

is this the same judge behind the attempted removal of judge Ann Lokuta?

perhaps it is time to get him in front of some board for abuse of his power

Anonymous said...

Judge Ciavarella should consider resigning from the bench.
He was told by a higher court about a juvenile offender's right to counsel about six years and agreed to comply.
Yet, he has not done so.
He was recently chided about another incident where he wanted the DA to file criminal charges in a civil matter.
He used poor judgement in selecting Sam Guesto for the court position.
His recent comments about various issues seems to be arrogant and unprofessional.
And finally, his judicial decisions in hundreds of cases may be overturned by a higher court because he violated the Constitution.
All of these actions have affected numerous residents of Luzerne County and wasted tax dollars.