Friday, May 02, 2008

Not for Hackett

Or Operation Chaos in reverse.

This a guest post from our friend KAR:

I attended a fundraiser last night at Gennetti's for Lou Barletta, I don't live in the 11th but Lou was very supportive of Dan so a few of us from Pride attended.

Many of the folks who were involved with Dan's campaign were in attendance, and several of the prominent business leaders who Hackett described as being less than honest were there. I realize we have a ways to go before November, but the prevailing sentiment was very anti-Hackett.

These are honest long standing republicans and they may sit out the 10th election, or write Dan's name in, the best I heard for Hackett was a general attitude of benign neglect.

I will have a letter in the Times Leader shortly describing my plans. I intend to write as many letters as possible,to as many papers as possible between now & November asking those who supported Dan, and those who care for the future of the republican party to either skip this contest or write in Dan's name.

I also plan on blogging as much as possible, and occasionally calling in on the local talk radio shows.Believe it or not there isn't much bitterness in all of this, just a sense of righting a wrong, if that makes sense, honestly if Hackett had run a different type of campaign and won, I would have supported him.

BTW Lou gave a good speech, and I believe he will give Kanjo a run for his money in November.


Anonymous said...

sore fucking loser

Anonymous said...

No, I am not a "sore loser", please read what I wrote.

If Hackett had run a campaign that was issue oriented and honest and he won, I would be supporting him...he didn't & I won't.

Trust me anon, I'm not the only one out there questioning Hackett's tactics, and if it wasn't clear to "Team Hackett" before this, they are becoming painfully aware of it now.

A question for all of you out there; if Dan Meuser was victotious in the primary how much fence mending would he have had to do?

Answer very little, if any.

How much fence mending does "Team Hackett" have to do, and why is that?

Answer plenty, and because they insulted a lot of prominent republican leaders, and a whole lot of everyday working people emplyed by Pride and by Pride providers.

Good luck Chris, and please keep us posted on your progress.

Ciao, adios, shalom, & aloha.


Zen said...

Moshe moshe, Kar. While I do agree that Hackett ran a truly douchebagatorious campaign, He did win. If we do not oust Pelosi, I mean Carney in the general, he will become nearly unseatable. I admire your loyalty and glue factor but the position you are taking is not good for the party or the 10TH. I have been friends with Dan for 20 years and nobody hated the vitriol Hackett put out more than me but we must retake the seat. Once done, we can have a more palatable candidate in just 2 years. That man will most likely be Dan. Write in against an incumbent? Yeah, that'll work. It won't be good for Dan or the party. By the way, are you going to the outing tomorrow afternoon?

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of the classic line in A Christmas Story, "cry baby, cry."
This just sounds like sour grapes for all those involved, all those "prominent business men" who only have themselves to blame in Meusers loss, their lame attempt in creating an uproar of a he said she said backfired up their rather large arses.
So, you don't like that Hackett won...try again next election. You can say there is no bitterness but this whole idea reeks of bitterness. It's times like these I thank the stars above that I'm NOT a Republican.
Now, go take your marbles and go home...Mommy is calling you in for super.

~ Sassy

Anonymous said...

Sassy, you wound me, really you do.

Actually it was a case of they said he said, and timing aside, it would seem that Mr. Hackett has a considerable credibilty problem.

Honestly Sassy, no bitterness, not even a hint, just a strong desire to see that Hackett reaps what he has sown.

Oh and fwiw my mommy is deceased, as is my daddy, thanks for asking, you can have my marbles.

Zen, no, I won't be there tomorrow but thank you & Gort for the invite.

As far as November goes, Hackett/Maderia/Toomey et al do not represent the republican party I know & support.

They would label me and many others as RINOs, so be it, therefore I feel no compelling need to support them.

Write in Dan Meuser, tell a friend to do the same.

Sleep well all.


Anonymous said...

zen - it's one thing to take on an incumbent in the general, but I doubt many Republicans would want to do that in 2010 should, God forbid, Hackett pull out a W in November.

The RNC asked a few to take on Sherwood in 2006 and none obliged even with the promise of significant financial support and the "Ore"deal already exposed.

The constant sentiment I'm hearing as I travel this district is one of disbelief that (a) 33000+ were that gullible and (b) Hackett's post-election vacation is more important than making a few phone calls to elected party leaders. when will the fence mending begin?

Anonymous said...


I knew it would wound you, but your a fast healer, ok it's they said/he said but really what it should be is a bunch of wealthy people couldn't buy an election for ONCE in the Valley and that is amazing!
As for your marbles, your dealing with some big tough might want to hold onto them yourself. ; )
Happy Weekend planning the chaos.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sassy, you've restored my faith in(wo)mankind.

It's not just a bunch of wealthy guys, trust me.
There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of everyday people like myself who are very disappointed at the way Hackett ran his campaign, and the way he attacked a company that we know to be a fine place to work, and an asset to the area.

OK, I'll keep my marbles to myself, and I really don't care how "tough" the people I'm going against are, I feel absolutely empowered.

My goals are these; Hackett losing, Hackett spending a good deal of his own cash in the process, and the margin of his defeat be equal to the amount of write ins for Dan.

Have a wonderful week-end everybody.



Anonymous said...

I've heard a new reason to vote against Hackett. Dr. Dave has been shooting his mouth off that Chris has promised him a job in Washington if he wins.

I doubt he could last a week there.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the success of your primary campaign can be inversely proportional to that of your general election campaign. Run too far to the right in the primary, alienate the middle in the general. Run down the middle in the primary, alienate your base.
Hackett did something totally different...while I agree in principle with Zen, I share Anon 10:18 take as well. If Hackett wins in the fall, it's tough to mount a primary challenge no matter how big a screw up the guy is. So if Hackett wins, and just fails miserably like everyone expects, but a primary challenge is unlikely, then in 2 years he faces another Dem (maybe a Carney rematch) where he gets trounced...if he wins this fall which is an IF. Kar makes a good point, and all you GOPers should know your Saint Ronnie's first political commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans". Hackett is guilty of that in spades, so what is owed to him as far as loyalty?
If control of the House was on the line then maybe you go with Hackster, but it's not.

Anonymous said...

Cook Political Report lists the 11th as 'Safe Democratic'. I'm no Kanjo cheerleader, but Lou has his work cut out. One Trick Pony.

Anonymous said...

pj - Charlie is damn good at reading those tea leaves. He's right on about the 11th. Lou is basically killing any future political ambitions he ever had. The GOP made it their goal to have every congressional seat challenged and used Lou to do that. Had he stayed out, it would have been a helluva battle of the mayors in 2010 between Lou and Doherty.

Anonymous said...

The whole problem is the Back Mountain RINO party of the Sordoni-Flack brigade got a good swift kick in the balls.

The results show the outer areas don't give a rats ass about this pompous blue blood agenda.

Anonymous said...

The piss and moan crowd can't buy an election anymore? Wow, what's this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:50 & 56,

That's exactly the attitude that will doom the party in November.

Maybe it's all for the best, the phony "true conservatives" get swept away by Carney, and those of us who care for the republican party can start rebuilding process for 2010.

Happy Monday y'all.


Anonymous said...

I suggest the Meuser bitters explain and list by importance the values that are conservative.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Hackett's battle cry this fall really is going to continue to be to go at Meuser!
I guarantee at a Carney Hackett debate Hackett blurts out "Pride hired illegals!" at least once...