Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Pennsylvania 10th CD news

Tom DeLay's visit to the area got my Democratic friends all riled up as they tried to tie him to Chris Hackett which I think is a stretch.

Delay told a crowd of 50 people that all the charges against him are from "a rogue district attorney."

Chris Carney's camp said "Fresh from the brutally negative primary, Hackett is now bringing the worst kind of Washington values to Pennsylvania in the form of Tom DeLay. People don't want that anymore. Why is Chris Hackett embracing one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in decades?

The PA Democratic Party maps out some interesting things. Tom DeLay gave $50,000 to the Club for Growth and Pat Toomey. Toomey buys $86,810 in negative television ads to attack Dan Meuser... Pat Toomey donated money to Tom DeLay, for his legal expenses facing trail after DeLay is indicted.

Mark Harris, Mr. Hackett’s spokesman, said the challenger had nothing to do with Mr. DeLay’s visit. “We were never invited, and no one ever contacted us.”

The DCCC provides us with a list of Tom Delay's greatest hits:

In May 2006, DeLay Retired Before The Ethics Committee Could Fully Investigate His Many Overseas Trips. [House Ethics Committee press release, 5/17/06]

In 2005, DeLay and Associates were indicted on money laundering charges and conspiracy to commit money laundering in order to circumvent Texas ’s ban on using corporate money to fund political campaigns. DeLay’s TRMPAC was ordered to pay $196,000 in damages to Democrats and over ARMPAC was ordered to shut down its soft money operation for violating campaign finance laws. [Houston Chronicle, 5/27/05] [Associated Press, 5/26/05], [CNN, 5/26/05], [Roll Call, 10/27/05]

In 2004, DeLay Was Admonished By House Ethics Committee for Abuse of Power. In 2004, the House Ethics Committee admonished DeLay for the third time for abusing his influence during the Texas redistricting fight, highlighting certain, “House rules that bar members from taking ‘any official action on the basis of the partisan affiliation . . . of the individuals involved.’” DeLay used his position as Majority Leader to make the Federal Aviation Administration track the private plane. He then tried to make the legislators return to Austin . The Ethics Committee observed that, “DeLay’s role in the matter ‘raises serious concerns under these standards of conduct.’” [Washington Post, 10/7/04]

In 2004, DeLay Was Admonished By House Ethics Committee Over Medicare Bribes. In 2004, after a six month investigation, “House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was admonished by the House ethics committee for using improper bargaining to try to persuade a fellow Republican to change his vote on a Medicare prescription drug bill.” DeLay had tried to persuade Rep. Nick Smith (R-MI.) to vote for a Medicare prescription drug bill, which “narrowly passed.” Smith, who voted against the bill, said that GOP leaders offered “bribes and special deals,” including a large contribution of “$100,000-plus” for his son’s congressional campaign. [AP, 10/1/04; Washington Post, 2/6/04, New York Times, 2/10/04]

In 2003, DeLay Offered Endorsement for Vote on Medicare Bill. Tom DeLay was admonished for his role in pressure Rep. Nick Smith to support Medicare legislation in 2003 in exchange for an endorsement of his son Brad in the Republican primary race to succeed Rep. Smith. [ Washington Post, 10/02/04]

Since 2001, DeLay’s Wife and Daughter Were Paid Over $500,000 from His Political Groups. DeLay's political action and campaign committees have paid his wife and daughter over $500,000. DeLay’s daughter, Dani DeLay Ferro, has received about $30,000 from DeLay’s Texas political action committee TRMPAC, which was dismantled after a Texas judge in a civil case found it funneled corporate contributions to state legislative elections. [New York Times, 4/6/05; Associated Press, 5/26/05]

In 2000, DCCC Filed RICO Lawsuit. In 2000, the DCCC filed charges against Tom DeLay saying DeLay and his related organizations are acting outside the law and violate RICO by “racketeering through extortion, money laundering, and monetary transactions in illegal proceeds” and recounted allegations of pressure tactics by DeLay to force trade groups and lobbying organizations to stop supporting Democrats. [Roll Call, 9/11/00]

In 1998 DeLay Was Admonished By House Ethics Committee For Involvement In K Street Project. In 1998, according to Roll Call, “DeLay’s endeavor to force the Electronics Industry Association to back off its choice resulted in unwanted publicity and a formal admonishment of the Texas Republican by the House Ethics Committee.” DeLay continued to try to frontload K Street with GOP lobbyists even though he was admonished by the House Ethics Committee for doing just that. [Roll Call, 3/12/01, Roll Call, 2/11/04]

In 1998, DeLay Was Admonished By House Ethics Committee For Involvement In K Street Project. DeLay was admonished by the House Ethics Committee for his involvement with a group that pressured lobbyists to hire Republicans and donate to their campaigns, commonly known as the “K Street Project.” DeLay’s admonishment was sparked by his effort to force the Electronics Industry Association to hire a Republican as opposed to their choice, a Democrat. In 2004, DeLay re-launched his K Street Project. “After privately fuming for years, DeLay sat down with a group of his top lieutenants two weeks ago to figure out how to get GOP lobbyists to contribute the maximum $4,000 allowable to vulnerable Republican candidates, as well as giving the $25,000 limit to the National Republican Congressional Committee.” [Roll Call, 3/12/01, Roll Call, 2/11/04]

In 1997 Abramoff Organized A Trip For DeLay That Was Paid For By Saipan Garment Interests. DeLay traveled with his wife and daughter and several aides including Ed Buckham. DeLay did not declare this trip on Congressional disclosure reports. [ABC News, 4/6/05; Associated Press, 3/30/05; Time 3/21/05]


Anonymous said...

Would love to know who attended that meeting - any insight?

Coal Region Voice said...

Nice picture of Delay, Gort. I have visions of the following in the same pose: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Fredo, Ashcroft, Goss, and I'm sure I forgotten so many more.

Anonymous said...

Christ, his class picture should look so good.

A "true" conservative & a great American? Apparently "Team Hackett" doesn't think so, they seem to want to put some distance between themselves and the "Hammer".

Curious, isn't it?

Happy Thursday


Anonymous said...

So...a "rogue district attorney" went after DeLay...
Right...and Elliot Ness was an "freewheeling overzealous agent".
I wonder if Hackett can distance himself from himself?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if Hackett can distance himself from himself?"

Already done - see Vicente Fox.

Anonymous said...

Please list all of DeLay's trial convictions and incarcerations.

The liberal media must be asleep.

ACR said...

The polarization of politics seems to have caused both sides to not see clearly. On one hand, the lefties think Ronnie Earle's indictment of DeLay is in pursuit of justice. In fact, one commenter hopes for more indictments of his political opponents for imaginary crimes.

On the other hand, we have a DeLay defender who is either unwilling or unable to evaluate the Abramoff corruption. If we can only talk about convictions and incarcerations, then we must admit that we are incapable of evaluating this matter. Only a jury can make that determination.

As for me, I look at each allegation separately. Ronnie Earle has a history of politically inspired prosecutions. His indictment of DeLay is no different. The Travis County DA has lost every single challenge made up to this point. I truly don't expect the Travis County DA ever to bring DeLay to trial.

That said, DeLay should be very worried about the Department of Justice investigation. That one will put him in jail.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile let's just keep electing known democrat crud. Amen?