Sunday, May 04, 2008

State of the World

From the left: Daniel Kingery, Joseph A. Oliva, Bill Ingram, Donald K. Allen and Christopher Popham Smith. All are independent candidates for President.

I attended Mario Mario Fiorucci's annual State of the World forum in Sugar Notch yesterday. He's been doing this for about 10 years and he had new catch this time by inviting some independent candidates for President.

The common theme from all of them was that the Democrats and Republicans have monopolized power to the detriment of the American people, hard to argue with that.

First up was Don Allen, a veterinarian from Youngstown, OH who was Staff Sargent in the US Air Force when he was an enlisted guy and is now a Lt Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. He railed against the NAFTA Superhighway, the New World Order and North American Union. He also opposes creating a single currency for the US, Canada and Mexico which he dubbed the "Amero."

Christopher Popham Smith from Boston wants to withdraw the troops from Iraq and secure the southern border by parking them next to Mexico. He alleged that our elected officials in Washington live a lavish lifestyle complete with free health care for life putting them out of touch with working people. On immigration he said people have to knock on the door and ask to come in.

Bill Ingram, a truck driver from Wisconsin had many detailed policy proposals like outlawing fossil fuels and nuclear energy within 10 years and mandating renewable energy. He wants to crack down on the banking industry practice of raising interest rates on credit cards without notice and tacking on more and more fees that put people in a hole. He has an insurance plan that would cover health care, disability and life insurance that should cost $500 a year. One part of that plan would exempt all health care providers from lawsuits. On trade with China he wants a barter system requiring them to buy products from the US and wants 100% of imports to be inspected to be paid for by a fee on the importers. He wants to pay for the Iraq war by giving a bill to the Iraqi government and seize their oil fields if they don't pay.

Joe Oliva , a New York native acknowledged that it's a ridiculous proposition for an independent to run for President but contends that it's not more ridiculous than what has been going on with the 2 party system. He stated that 1200 elite people make all the decisions for the rest of us leading to a one world government mindset that encourages illegal immigration. He also opposes the UN Law of the Sea Treaty.

Daniel Kingery from Arizona wants you to buy a raffle ticket to win his car as a way of financing his campaign. He points out that the Declaration of Independence gives the power to the people to alter or abolish the forms of government over us that no longer protect us or our rights. He wants to abolish the Electoral College and the Congress requiring all laws and treaties to be put to a vote by the people. And he wants to expand the definition of treason to include politicians that make promises that they have no intention of keeping.

I put some photos of the event on my Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

I like what Bill Ingram had to day, good solid common sence approach to getting this country back on track...