Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not for Hackett

Another installment of Operation Chaos in reverse.

This is a guest post from my friend Zen of Political Rants.

The unfortunate realities of politics

I spent a portion of my afternoon with Dan Meuser. I have considered Dan a friend for nigh on twenty years. That had literally no bearing on my support for him in the 10TH primary. Had his principles and morals been diametrically opposed to my own, I would've buried him in my blog. The fact is, I have always respected Dan and after today, I respect him even more. He is a man of unquestionable honor that chose the high road in a nasty campaign and was punished for it. I directly asked him why he didn't use the dirt that those of us in the know, know about Hackett. His response; " You know I'm not that kind of guy". By God, that is what I want in my Congressman. The 10TH had the opportunity to have an honorable man represent them and we blew it!!!! Many of you voters in the 10Th listened to an unmitigated load of bullshit from Hackett's hatchet men and voted for the wrong man. If any of you think I write this piece out of bitterness, you are wrong. Dan would've been the kind of leader we need in the 10TH. He would not have been some left coast liberals lapdog like Carney. Hackett changes his opinions depending on who he is speaking to. Sadly, he is the only Republican running. Granted, he won the primary. The how he won it is what sticks in my craw. Chris, you did an incredible amount of damage to my party with your campaign. Yes, I said my party. I don't believe you are a true Republican. I know you are not a true conservative. I've known you for quite a while. I have written that the party needs to mend the fences and get behind you in the general election. I think I may have been wrong.

The Meuser family has made a huge investment in our area. They offer real living wage jobs and opportunity to make a very comfortable income. They do not play favorites based on familial connections. They promote based on merit. They are an honorable family that has done much for the valley. They did not deserve to be called criminals. They did not deserve to be called liars or murderers. For the lies that Hackett's hatchets told, we should shun them. We should not do business with them. We should treat them like the scoundrels they are. They are less than scum. They are smegma. I call on my fellow business people to show our distaste for his campaign's behavior. Rant over.

To Kar; I was wrong and am sorry.To Gort; Thank you for the friendship and intelligent discourse.To Rightwinger; It's been 41.5 years that we know each other, hasn't it? Let's play golf.To my loyal readers; Sorry I didn't coin any new nouns or verbs. This one meant a lot to me.To Dan Meuser; You, Rightwinger, Kar, and Gort42 should play golf. I hope you invite me.


Anonymous said...


Nicely put, and no apologies necessary. I'm happy that you & I are on the same page concerning Hackett and his tactics.

Hold onto your hat though, you'll be getting called all sorts of nasty names by an army of anonymous gnats.

Have a good one.


Zen said...

I write what I believe. I write about what matters to me. I like evrybody else, do have opinions. If people don't agree with mine, that's ok. If they want to anonymously attack me, that's ok too. If they don't have the guts to put a name to their ramblings, they don't deserve to be listened to.

Zen said...

Gort, Thanks for the cross post.

Anonymous said...

zen and both can carry on intelligent discussions, speak your minds, back it up (except maybe of course for the Carney as Pelosi lap dog stuff), and can throw in some good humor every now and then. So thanks...and if I was on the other side of the aisle I'd feel the same way about Hackett. I wouldn't vote for anyone in the 10th for Congress or I'd write in Dan.

Anonymous said...

If more politicians were like Mr. Meuser the world would be a better place. Don't fall into the Liberal/Commie conspiracy game of knocking Mr. Hackett--some might disagree with him, but he's a helluva lot better than keeping the commie Carney in office!!!
On a lighter note, While feasting on some of Thelma Jean's champion Robin Red Breast Casserole the other day, I noticed in the commie rag paper that the great Dr. Rick is getting married. Congrats young fellow. Put a ring on that beautiful girl and a frying pan in her hand. May you father a string of fine young American children who will carry on the Conservative banner!!! Good Luck Rick!!!!!

Zen said...

I heard there will be a few interesting pix on my blog later today. I recommend you all look at them. I promise I only photoshopped most of them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Who's "principles and morals", The Reverend Rusty Flack's?

Please someone bring in the violin

Anonymous said...

I guess conservatism has been redefined again?

Anonymous said...


It would be great if you could get Old school r's post from your site published here, it was a terrific response.


Zen said...

Here you go Kevin

Old School R says;

Zen , thank you... you have summed up my feelings about this race..
I started out not knowing the Meusers very well.. In fact , I was a Hackett fan in April 07. I became a Meuser fan in May. Not much of a honeymoon. After intervirwing Dan , I became a believer..

So, I started out not knowing him well and I ended with an immense amount of respect for Dan, his brother Scott, Pride and the many families that work there. These are solid people. We are lucky to have them in our community.

I recently threw Chris Hackett's company out the door of our business. I think that more of us should do that. I don't want to do business with dishonest people. He went way over the line in so many ways. He proved to me that he cannot be trusted.

Yes, Chris damaged our party in a huge way. Our party got in the way of his goals. His lies caused deep divides. He showed us that he doesn't care about anything but himself.

Yes , those of us who know Hackett are aware of a hell of a lot more dirt that never came out .. Dan knew it all... he was above it.. Maybe that cost him the election.. but .. he still has his integrity..



Dan Meuser is a man of honor

Chris Hatchet / Maderia / Club for Growth are scum of the earth. They showed the world that the sewer is their playground.

Chris Hackett is a habitual liar who will say anything to anyone to get what he wants.. Ask WB Chamber Board members about that. You might find that he didn't learn to lie in this election cycle.

Little things speak volumes about a person. In Chris Hacketts "green garage" parked next to his Toyota Prius is a 12cyl 750 BMW.


The person that suggested we "write in" Dan in the general election deserves kudos. Great idea

I look forward to watching Hackett toss another million into the toilet and lose. He earned it . He deserves it....

Zen , thank you for your to insightful commentary. Thanks KAR for having the guts and the brains to fight the disgusting blog of the nasty's that make up Team Hatchet

Soon they will read this and throw more mud at me and my brother.. oh well...

Anonymous said...

nicely put old school R.

Has anyone seen Hackett since he and Don mugged for the Carney cameras election night?

How's the kissing and making up progressing? Or are his lips firmly planted on Toomey's ass?

Anonymous said...

Hackett's "kiss & make-up" tour has been playing to less tha enthusiastic crowds.

Gee, I guess trashing everyone in the room, and questioning the ethics & integrity of others while exposing yourself as a lying hypocrite isn't such a good strategy afterall...imagine that.


Anonymous said...

You meuser folks have gone from being amusing to scarey. I hope you soon seek a spiritual remedy to your constant anger and bitterness.

Barry O'Connell said...

It is good to see that the little people are consistent. Consistently whining that is. It used to be that people believed that the truth shall set you free and now when we tell the truth they call it MUD. Someone must tell the truth and I am glad to help.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell