Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton for Vice President

I can think of many reasons not to put her on the ticket but if she is willing to be the second banana it can work.

Tonight Hillary is winning Kentucky big and later tonight in Oregon Barry is the favorite.

This contest for the Democratic nomination is the best thing for the eventual nominee even if it goes to the convention. More new voters and switchers from the Republicans have swelled the Democratic ranks all over the country.

A new poll on the left side asks if Hillary should be the VP candidate.


Danny Bauder said...

The Pelosi Club should be making its endorsement of Obama this week. Members include Gov Maria Cantwell, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Jimmy Carter.

Obama now has the majority of pledged delegates (1627) and is 64 delegates away from the magic number of 2025.

Tony Thomas said...

I don't think he should pick her. I think that there would be an internal struggle there.

He needs to pick up someone who can help him with his shortcomings. I read about Gov. Rendell being a possibility.

D.B. Echo said...

I think if he picks her, November will be all but a guaranteed win. Any other choice and he's going to have to work that much harder to win over the Hillary-si-Obama-no crowd.

I think it would be in his best interest politically, and the best interest of the Democratic party, for him to ask her to become his VP - assuming he gets the nomination for the Presidential spot, which is pretty much guaranteed unless he screws up much, much worse than he's screwed up so far. But I don't think she say yes, and sign on with her considerable clout with the voters, without cutting a major deal. At which point I would expect Obama's platform will be amended to more closely resemble Clinton's.

Or maybe not. What do I know? I still can't believe people were dumb enough to vote for Bush. Twice.

JudiPhilly said...

Clinton worked very hard to lose my vote and was more than successful. I had just reached the point where I was willing to forgive & forget, but this latest -- Florida needs to be counted as a civil rights issue and akin to the voter disenfranchisement of 2000 is hyperbole of the highest order.

I am a believer in the rule of law. Florida and Michigan didn't follow the rules, so it was their choice to be in the position that they are in today. It wasn't imposed upon those states and for Hillary to pull a Bush on this annoys me to no end.

Having had my rant, I still think it would be best for the party if those two ran as a team, so I say yes.