Friday, May 09, 2008

Carney backs Hillary

Chris Carney said he would follow the will of Democratic voters in his district and with 70 percent of the voters in the district picking Clinton he announced that she has his superdelegate vote. From a release:

"I have watched this primary process very closely--and as I said I would do, I have weighed the temperament and leadership displayed by Senators Clinton and Obama during the course of this campaign. We are extremely fortunate to have two very strong candidates vying to lead our nation. Pennsylvania's 10th District overwhelmingly chose Senator Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary and I will respect their decision. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet with Senator Clinton, and let her know Thursday that I am supporting her," said Congressman Carney.

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Anonymous said...


D.B. Echo said...

Yeah. It's a pretty safe maneuver. He can always say, "Well, I tried. But for the sake of party unity..."

Interesting point I read today: Pennsylvania was actually Clinton's undoing. By forcing Hillary to spend mucho dinero to win a state she already had in the bag, Obama now has Clinton in a position where she no longer has the cash to compete. Much like the way the U.S. caused the Soviet Union to bankrupt itself by trying to keep pace with a mostly vaporware Star Wars program...or the way a group of 19 terrorists, with an investment of about half a million dollars in flight schools, managed to collapse the U.S. economy by getting our government to spend trillions on a counterproductive, open-ended war with undefined victory conditions.

It's all about the strategery, inn'it?

Anonymous said...

Either way with an Obama or Clinton endorsement, Carney's true values and philosophy are marxist as by evidence of who he must support. Forget the blue dog conservative bullshit. This sneaky little weasel no doubt will veer more towards his leadership the longer he's in office.

Anonymous said...

But, this is what the bitter Meuser supporters want.

Anonymous said...

mesuer supporters aren't bitter..
they are sore fucking losers, who blame everyone but themselves for a loss that should have been a win..

Anonymous said...

You know what is amazing, we, those who supported and continue to support Dan are accused of being bitter, sore losers.

Well, all I see from those like the 2 anons above is bitterness, sore winners, and I use the term winner loosely, what's up with that?

I made my decision a few days after the primary, I decided that I didn't have to support a person whose value system was 180 degrees from my own.

I have stated that I will write in Dan's name, encourage others to do the same, and work the blogs & newspapers, & talk radio spreading the message that Hackett is not worthy of our trust.

Recently Zen of the "Political Rants" blog made his feelings known about Hackett and his posse, you can read it in the next thread.

Also "old school r" posted a very eloquent description of his feelings about Hackett and the campaign he ran on Zen's site.

Well now there are 3 of us, and I expect that number to grow, we are not ready to surrender our party to a bunch of unprincipled opportunists.

Gort you might want to read old school r's post, maybe he would let yo put it up as a guest post, it's very good.

Happy Tuesday.