Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coming and going

I've been a bit busy and don't have time to sound off on the latest news right now so I'll point you to some locals that are.

A couple of regular commenters have started blogging.

Stop the Supply Sider Insanity

Is written by NEPAExpat of Livermore, CA.

One of out of many people forced to leave Northeastern PA due to the nature of local officials incapable or unwilling to make the area a viable economic center once again.

That's How I See It

I find it hard to believe that JediMaster is still in high school because he writes so well. Who says our education system is failing. He says he has been interested in politics since he was 12 years old and that was the age that your humble narrator worked in his first Presidential campaign, for George McGovern.

A young progressive's take on the issues, politics, and other musings.

I'm sad to see that my good friend and 2006 Pennsylvania 11th CD nominee Dr. Joe Leonardi is hanging it up at the The Independent, Conservative, Common Sense Oasis. I'm sure we will hear from Joe again.

And Danny Bauder is back.


Tony Thomas said...

Thanks for the shout out =).

Danny Bauder said...

thanks for the shout out G

NEPAExpat said...

Sorry for the delay. Thanks again for the plug. Hopefully, I will have time to keep the blog current.