Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lefty Bloggers target Carney

I understand the frustation with Carney's war votes but I think this is a waste of money.

Down with Tyranny

Carney and Accountability

Chris Carney "Fight For Our Freedoms" Ad


Anonymous said...

I agree Gort. There is no real purpose to this expenditure besides spite. The people behind it wish Carney were more left-wing.

He isn't a liberal, he is down the middle.

They should get over it.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the JediMaster9780.

Same deal. Did I miss something ?Is this whine about Chris Carney weekend. He ran and was elected as a Conservative Democrat. Why are they all acting so suprised ?

Tony Thomas said...

The surprise is that his campaign criticized the war, yet he has done virtually nothing to stop it. He has repeatedly voted against time tables.

The sad thing is that Carney is doing what he can for the corporations that apparently donated to his campaign. What Bush is doing with these wiretaps is a violation of the law and of our Constitution.

It is well debated as to who actually said this, but this oft-quoted line seems appropriate.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security."

Anonymous said...


For a long time now I have become increasingly cynical about the state of this country. I have fallen into the trap of middle age thiking that kids don't know anything about history, and that the elderly follow the political tendancies that their families did. I was in the local grocery store and I heard some kids who were working talking about the holiday. Some thought it was a holiday give honor to the Presidents. I heard one kid, thank God say it was to give honor to the vets who sacrificed for this country. Yonki I was one of those kids that although did not get attacked by trees while inebriated I did pick some fights with some trees and some shrubery. And I turned out O.K. Some what. But jedimaster9780, you have given a middle aged old fart hope about this country! If there are other kids like you, and I do not mean that term negativly, I think we are in good hands. Hopefuly no matter what your polical bent is, hopefuly we give to you a better world then what we have had, like our parents did for us. And if we don't, make this world better! Don't ever give up being critical, but hopefuly don't ever become cynical.

Danny Bauder said...

I think that this helps Carney, if Blue America is already attacking Carney from the left, what ammo do Hackett and company have for the fall? They can't call him too liberal if the liberals won't take him as one of their own.

Anonymous said...

when it comes to iraq chris carney is between the proverbial rock and a hard place. as a dem he wants us out of their
as a military person he know that time tables are akin to giving away military strategy.
the only way for the wussy dems in congress to end the war is to completely and with extreme prejudice cut the funding.
no money the troops come home.
but as paul kanjorski pointed out... the dems liet ot get elected, they never had any intention of ending the war, just getting power

Anonymous said...

Carney has been 100% consistent with his position on the war. He said he would never cut off funding to our troops while they are in harms way. He proposed and continues to propose a 1 for 1 transition of US forces for Iraqi forces. The problem is that Bush Inc will not even consider a change in policy which forces the Iraqi Govt to be accountable for their own security. Bush/McCain want perpetual war.