Sunday, February 22, 2009

All in the Luzerne County family

Senator Cauly apologized for not coming personally -- he said you'd understand. Also, some of the judges. They've all sent gifts. -Tom Hagen to Vito Corleone in the Godfather

We all know about the rampant nepotism in all levels of government in the county but now a different kind of "family" connection is being documented. According to Dave Janoski in the CV A witness will testify that one or both of the disgraced Luzerne County judges who’ve pleaded guilty to accepting millions in kickbacks have “direct connections” to jailed mobster William “Big Billy” D’Elia...D’Elia, 62, the longtime reputed head of the Bufalino crime family, is serving nine years in federal prison for money laundering and witness tampering.

When all this first broke it was rumored that much of the information was coming from D'Elia after he was arrested in 2006. Judge Michael Conahan's connection to Louis Denaples are well documented and DeNaples is accussed of lying about his connections to D'Elia when he applied for a casino license.

Billy D'Elia is the reputed successor to Russel Bufalino as the head of the Bufalino crime family. I have always been reluctant to write about Denaples and D'Elia and I noticed my local my local blogger colleagues are as well. Maybe it's because I like to have both of my knees in working order.


Anonymous said...

Better check the deed for the courthouse maybe these assholes sold it to the mob There are some bad title companies out there

Anonymous said...

speaking of bad title companies - what ever happen with Liz Sichler and the fraud investigation?

it'll be interesting to see if the "Kings Bench" approach taken by the PA Supremes will kill the process. It seems hard to understand that they are doing anything but given the year without any action. Could it be there are bad judges in Harrisburg as well????

Big Dan said...

Here's the first thing that strikes me when reading the CV article: if judges are assigned on a rotating basis, and the Joseph trial wasn't, that tells me all the other judges had to be aware that the rotation was broken. If there is a rotation, there's a schedule that all judges are aware of, and this schedule was broken. AT LEAST...the judge who was SUPPOSED to be the next judge in rotation for the Joseph trial, had to know. WHO was that judge?

Oh, I forgot! They'll say: "It slipped through the cracks".

Play the drinking game with "slipped through the cracks" or "I didn't know". Paid county officials who are supposed to know these things and are PAID to know these things, keep saying: "it slipped through the cracks" or "I didn't know" or "I was unaware of this".

Getting sick of those phrases?

Big Dan said...

Is anyone naive enough to think that any politician or judge, at any level - local/state/federal - is beyond doing these things? Bigger level of government, bigger crimes, because they have the CIA/FBI/military at their disposal.

All levels of government are corrupted in my opinion. Down to your local school boards. Sound pessimistic? Or realistic?

I have no faith in the courts or politicians. Should I have faith in them? When you see this?

Anonymous said...

Ditto's to 9:48 -
What ever happened to Elizabeth Sichler? Gort, have you heard anything? Anyone else?

Gort said...

Nothing on Liz lately. I've heard all sorts of things on other people that can't be confirmed yet.

Anonymous said...

recorder of deeds more than 400.000missing only acct for 150.000 ??? is there another theif in there ???

Big Dan said...

Jill Moran resigned today.

Anonymous said...

Lew Sebia goes down next what do you think Big Dan

D.B. Echo said...

I think the most disturbing thing I've read about this mess is that D'Elia was the catalyst for the entire investigation. Without hime saying the right things to the right people, this would have continued to go on whout the slightest bit of interest from the Feds.

It's not like plenty of people didn't suspect or were even actively aware of all of this stuff. But it took D'Elia to actually bring the pot to a boil. What does that say for us common folk and where we stand with respect to all this machinery?

Big Dan said...

just ed said...
Lew Sebia goes down next what do you think Big Dan

I said, I don't believe the COO and legal counsel for Mericle Real Estate/Construction didn't know someone in his company was participating in funnelling $2.6 million to a front company in Fla. connected to the judges wives.

I'm not stupid. WE aren't stupid. It's an insult to our intelligence.

Big Dan said...

A phone message left yesterday for Robert Sebia (brother of Lew Sebia), who is Camelot's ...

Anonymous said...

Good one dan got to love it

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