Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carney and Kanjo have a headache

Embattled firm donated thousands to Carney, Kanjorski

This is another reason why we need to get a public finance scheme for Congressional elections. Money=speech according to the Supreme Court. So some voices are louder than others.


Anonymous said...

You're right Gort that a problem exists - but your solution is treats the symptom, not the cause of the problem. We should eliminate the corrupt process that allows incumbents to have such a huge advantage - buying votes with tax payer dollars - Pork, Earmarks, call it what you will - it's a bad deal for the taxpayer and the governance system of our country.

Bottom line - we can't afford it any more.

Anonymous said...

Public financing is not the answer, I should not have to fund campaigns becuase politicians are corpupt. If public financing ever becomes the law I am moving to West philadelphia and running against chacka fattah as a republican every 2 years. I will collect this money pay myslef as my own campaign manager and hiring my freinds and spending some money

the solution would be sooner disclosure of all eramarks secured ( I am not agianst earmarks) and donationas asap. also earmarks should only be givin to local governments not companies

Anonymous said...

big f-----g deal. they took money.. does it matter? NO! Face it we the people have no say in our gov't and now thanks to the new president the gov't will have more say in our life.
democracy is over.