Sunday, February 15, 2009

Other stuff

The Judges are still crooks and the TL says one of them was mixed up with drug dealers.
According to the comments on my last post I'm a "dumb" " jerk-off". Thanks for elevating the debate.
There are hundreds of people running for Judge in Luzerne County and I don't know why anyone would even want the job in this atmosphere.

The county GOP is making some noise but the powers that be are trying to clear the field for their favs. Primary's are good people, it raises the name recognition of the eventual winner.
I'm going back to play with the puppy. See you tomorrow.


D.B. Echo said...

"Dumb jerk-off"? Where do they get off with caalling you "dumb"?

McGruff said...


Dumb jerk off- No way.. Opinionated like the rest of us...pull up a stool I'll buy you a beer.

Ed Finster said...


Relative to your post concerning Karl Rove and the firing of the U.S. Attorneys for political reasons I want to offer the following.

Thomas Marino was investigating Louis DeNaples on organized crime connections as U.S. Attorney in 2005. He was number 12 on the list for firing.

He was listed as a reference in Louis's slots application and gave a good letter of reference to Mr. DeNaples at the same time he was investigating him.

Marino eventually recused himself from the case due to the conflict and resigned his office only to become an attorney for Louis DeNaples.

During that period he also made it known he was considering a run for Chris Carney's seat. While considering running for office is not a strict violation, conversations for the purpose of figuring out the logistics and strategy of a campaign do violate the Hatch Act. Obviously any serious consideration would have to include the elements of discussion that cross the line.

Knowing all of this information, and NOT CASTING A BAD LIGHT on Louis DeNaples, because he is innocent until proven guilty, and so far with the money the government has allowed him to continue to invest in his casino operation I am not convinced on the soundness of their case. Does Marino's actions cast a doubt on the office of U.S. Attorney and bring reproach upon it? If so what do we not know about the 9 U.
S. Attorneys fired that would change up the public perception?

Big Dan said...

Outing CIA agent Valerie Plame was an essential part of the Bush administration leading us into a war based on lies. Valerie Plame was a covert operative working for a company that had information that there were NO WMD'S!!! Get it??? They outed her, because that was in the way of the Iraq War. Her husband wrote a column in a major newspaper, saying there were NO WMD'S in Iraq. Shortly afterwards, his wife was outed.

THAT, Dana, is called TREASON!!!!!!!

Please put country before party, as we all should on all levels of govt.