Friday, February 27, 2009

Juvie brothers update

There are now 3 class action lawsuits on behalf of the children who were the victims of Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella who railroaded them through the juvinile justice system. The suits says the judges and other defendants conspired to perpetrate "what ranks as one of the largest and most serious violations of children's rights in the history of the American legal system.

Luzerne County President Judge Chet Muroski confirmed that the probe involves more than the PA Child Care investigation. This thing is expanding into allegations that civil cases were being fixed.

Judges Peter Paul Olszewski and Michael Toole have been interviewed by the FBI and we wonder if their stays at the condo in Florida has any thing to do with the feds interest.

Luzerne County Prothonotary Jill Moran is playing "Lets make a Deal" claiming that some people allegedly attempted, without Moran’s "full knowledge and consent, to use Moran to facilitate frauds.” Mark Guydish in the TL doesn't buy it. Moran has always claimed to be the unintentional political puppet, not the puppeteer; the piece being played, not the player. It’s a role she took on again this week with the deal struck in the federal courthouse investigation. She didn’t commit fraud, she was used by those committing it. She is the head of the W-Cat company that was suppossed to be building houses in Mountaintop. Some of her partners were the the Juvie Brother Judges and her law partner Robert Powell plus some people that I know that are going to be hurt .

Conahan's cousin Bill Sharkey was officially fired after pleading guilty to stealing more than $70,000 of seized gambling money over 10 years. He stopped reporting to his courthouse job on Aug. 20, a day after federal agents served a subpoena on his office for records connected to money seized in illegal gambling cases. During his leave from work, Sharkey maintained possession of a county vehicle and county mobile phone. Ciavarella approved the paid leave of absence for Sharkey. Who the hell is in charge, if anyone, of keeping track of county vehicles?

Conahan's brother in law millionaire psychologist Dr. Frank Vita and forger Sandra M. Brulo are also in trouble.


Michelle HD said...

Youtube weekend request: "Unbelievable" by EMF

It seems fitting after reading all of this.

Big Dan said...

Nice recap, GORT.

Big Dan said...

You should save this post to the side, and keep updating it as the "reference" post to all this corruption.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy Moran's "being used" bit either. I hope that she doesn't get to slip through the net.

Anonymous said...

I think we should make a players list so we can keep track:

Robert Powell #7
Conahan #87
Ciaviralla #89
Mericle #13
Moran #8
Vita #87
Vondy #1
Skrep Anyone know his # at Michigan
D'Ella #00
Sharkey #67

A couple quarterbacks, some "receivers", a blocker or two and of course a female punter. And I'd bet we can all guess who the score keeper should be since she would not ever alter a record.

The good news is we have lots of numbers left! Hope we use them.

Anonymous said...

Skrep was 75

Big Dan said...

How about put them on playing cards:

Anonymous said...

i love that idea of a players list! i think lokuta should be allowed to be the referee!! that would be hysterical!!!

Big Dan said...

W-B City Hall security firm stirs questions
Some city council members are concerned about Hawkeye Security.

WILKES-BARRE – City council members are questioning why a nonprofit company is being run out of City Hall.

Hawkeye Security Solutions, founded in 2008, is creating a video surveillance system throughout Wilkes-Barre to “enhance public safety” according to the company’s Web site. In the city, Hawkeye will select the camera vendor that will purchase and install the camera system and install it.

But Hawkeye’s telephone number, listed on its Web site, rings at City Hall at the desk of Lou Lau, the city’s informational technology director. Lau referred questions to city administrator J.J. Murphy, administrative coordinator Bridget Giunta or Mayor Tom Leighton.

Leighton said the city employees involved with Hawkeye are working with the mayor’s knowledge and approval.

Members of the Hawkeye board of directors are: Murphy who makes $78,757 as city administrator; Laura Brace, retired deputy city controller; city patrolman James Fisher, whose base salary from the city is $49,198; Lau, information technology director, paid $62,832 from the city; and Phil Latinski, retired city councilman.

Christine Jensen, the city’s human resources director, said she did not know who Hawkeye Security Solutions is and said she needed to look into the matter before she could offer any comment. She could not say if any of the employees involved with Hawkeye were in violation of any city policies.

WILKES-BARRE – City council members are questioning why a nonprofit company is being run out of City Hall.