Thursday, February 05, 2009

Muroski says he will clean house

Our new Luzerne County President Judge Chet Muroski has said he will review all the people hired by the 2 previous President Judges and accused criminals Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella. First he has to get a handle on who is actually employed by the courts which boggles my mind. “We don’t know who our employees are,” Muroski said. “We were not allowed to participate and nominate anyone for department head or supervisor positions. We didn’t even know what positions were available.”

Some of the people that should be worried are:

• Sam Guesto, specialty courts/alternative sentencing director, $78,160.

• Paul McGarry, who was promoted from probation services director to administrative services director, $78,160.

• Larry Saba, probation services director, $78,160.

• Don Tedesco, jury management supervisor, $45,652. Tedesco is Conahan’s brother-in-law.

• Jim Torbik, central court administrator, $60,100.

And many others.

If he follows through it will increase the unemployment rate in Luzerne County. I hate to see anyone lose their job but I'm sure that they will all land on their feet.


D.B. Echo said...

The increase in the unemployment rate will be a temporary one, assuming these positions are "real" and will be filled with new hires and not simply covered by existing employees doing double duty.

So where do we look up the job descriptions? Where do we submit our resum├ęs?

Anonymous said...

Rome is burning!

Big Dan said...

Clean sweep! Knock 'em all out!!!

Anonymous said...

Whooo oooo listen to the music -Whooo oooo listen to the music, one more time, one more time!!

Anonymous said...

where was muroski for all these years...? i have the most senority, i am now the president judge.... see me...i am now the hero!!! BULL_ _ _ _ !!! where were you during the meetings with the other judges??? sitting their with your tail between your legs..
COWARD!! ALL OF YOU..........