Friday, February 13, 2009

Sam Guesto gets the ax

And it's long overdue.

Guesto loses his court post

Eight, including Guesto, furloughed by county courts

My opinion is that he should have been fired after the debit card scandal broke. He was chased out of his job as Luzerne County Chief Clerk but landed a new gig as the Specialty Court Administrator. That post was invented by admitted criminal former President Judge Mark Ciavarella. His role in the PA Child Care lease is under investigation along with the piece mealing of contracts at the county prison to get around bidding requirements. And who knows what else.

Excluding all of the possible criminal stuff, Guesto was part of the Bond Bothers administration that every year presented county budgets that were full of numbers that seemed to be pulled out of thin air to create the illusion of a balanced budget.

I think that Mr. Guesto, Commissioner Greg Skrepenak, former Commissioner Todd Vonderheid and former County Budget Chief Sam Diaz , who is now at the Scranton Med School, should all be sentenced to a course in remedial arithmetic.


McGruff said...


Your readers should be real interested in the unobvious. I want to point out something that may have gone unnoticed.

The layoff of 11 probation officers, probation services director Larry Saba and fiscal director Peter Namowicz had been announced on Wednesday. Saba and Namowicz were furloughed because it had been determined that their “continued employment is not in the best interest of the court system,” according to a press release issued by Muroski.

What was Judge Muroski conveying to the public that most missed? Stay tuned..more on the mm.

Anonymous said...

Sammy got fired at the courthouse last year. Maybe now his pal greg & dem chums could get him a job and LCCC. Why not give him the other dem crook Petie Moses's job as dean of the cafeteria?

Anonymous said...

CV & TL Headlines next week. "Guesto Lands $90k Job at LCCC" Skrep says Sammy will get to the bottom of the stolen kitchen money.

...or is it LCP kitchen bidding money?