Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luzerne County Republicans

Some of us were hoping that new Luzerne County Republican Chairman Terry Casey wouldn't try to mimic the the local Democrats by trying to force candidates out of the primary. The reports I have been getting points to the opposite and this story in the TL confirms it:

County GOP endorsements likely

I have nothing against Attorney Nanda Pallisary but Casey is not doing him any favors by trying to force Walter Griffith and Bob Sypnewski out of the race. Yes, a primary race cost money that could be spent in the general election but a primary raises the name recognition of the eventual winner. I think it would be beneficial for our local GOP to have a contest as long as it doesn't turn into a bloodbath like the Mueser/Hackett race in the the 10th CD last year.

Former Democratic Commissioner Edd Brominski (what's with 2 D's ?) has also announced his intention to run for Controller as a Republican. More on Bromo to come.


Anonymous said...

Most county republican parties have a "no endorsement clause" in their by laws to prevent this type of activity. Those with experience have good don't endorse because they see how heavy handed it appears.

To Terry Casey: A smart man learns from his mistakes - a wise man learns from others. Don't let the BM $$ crowd make you think this is how it works.

Zen said...

anon 8:28,

Yeah, that's just what the minority party in Luzerne County needs. Let's field a gagillion candidates and support none of them so that no repub. will get elected.
Brilliant plan, do you work for the dem party?

Anonymous said...

FOLLOW THE MONEY! An executive director, where is the funding coming from? Now they are going to endorse in the primary.... who is trying to get whom in county gov't?

Anonymous said...

An endorsement from the party is probably a wash. Some will be impressed; for others it is a turn off; but for 90% of the voters, they really could care less.
That said, however, it is an incredibly stupid idea. The reason we have a primary is to let the voters of each party choose who they want to represent them. When a party endorses, they usually pick the person who has kissed the most butt within the party, or they simply pick their friend. That is, in part, the type of thinking that got Luzerne County into the mess it is in. Let the people decide. A primary is a good thing. I, for one, will vote against anyone endorsed by either party in Luzerne County.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Bob Sipneski is running for Controller? I met him a couple times when he worked on James May's campaign, and he seems like a pretty sharp guy - would like to learn a little more about him. Rumor has it that he's been making hte rounds and picking up some pretty significant support behind the scenes.
anyone heard anything?

Zen said...

Dave, you're right, I doubt having any party endorsement will sway voters. As the g man brought up the race for the 10th primary, I'll use that. Hackett and Meuser literally spent a fortune on a primary race that of course Hackett ended up winning. It was a hollow victory as he didn't have enough money left to put up much of a fight in the general.

As for the person who kisses the most ass or has the most powerful friends, I sincerely hope that isn't how my party is vetting candidates.

If the odds weren't stacked so heavily against repubs in this county then I'd agree primaries are great. The reality is, the party has tried the shotgun effect with candidates as far back as I can remember. Run a bunch, support none, hasn't been a good strategy judging by just how few repubs hold a county office.

I am hoping the same kind of widespread backlash from Bush's failed policies will happen here. Each and every person that has so far either been charged, plead guilty, or is known to be under investigation is either an elected dem, was appointed by an elected dem, or is a registered dem. Does anybody dispute that???????

Anonymous said...

There is no need for the party to endorse in the primary. The party SHOULD endorse the winner of the crowded primary field. Then it appears as though the party supports the member's chosen candidate, rather than the party asking to members to support the "leadership's" chosen candidate.

Zen said...

anon 12:58,
In a perfect world you'd be right but we live in the anti-thesis of a perfect world. We live in Luzerne County.

Anonymous said...

if the party endorses a candidate and said candidate loses in the primary how will that translate in the general election. the hackett/meuser race destroyed both candidates in the 10th, will the results be the same county wide.
the committe should stay the f out of the primary, it will only end in further hurting the party.

Gort said...


I hope to have an update on Bob Sypniewski shortly.

Anonymous said...

It's good for the process to get people engaged - as candidates or otherwise - it only makes the party stronger. What makes the party weaker are people who THINK they have influence telling voters who their selection should be. That's the exact type of arrogance (we know what's best for you) that's gotten the GOP in trouble to start.

But, given your prior comments against reform candidates, it's not much of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Palissery was the attorney for local celeb pimp Al Carpinet. And the Judge who shut down Al's little black book, Ciavrella.

Anonymous said...

Dave from
lake twp wants everyone to know that all gop committee members will vote by mail to pick endorsed candidates!