Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prison Board change

The 2 Luzerne County Court appointed members of the Luzerne County Prison Board have been given their walking papers according to the CV:

The judges also announced Tuesday they’ll seek new candidates for the two court-appointed positions on the county prison board. The board consists of the three county commissioners, the warden and the two court appointees — Wister Yuhas and Robert Payne. Muroski said he had no specific complaint about Yuhas and Payne, who have presided over scandals involving the misuse of county-issued debit cards by prison personnel and a breach of county policy on bidding for food purchases.

The Warden is not a member of the prison board.

In the last few months (years?) Yuhas and Payne have teamed up with minority Commissioner Greg Skrepenak to defend Sam Hyder's world training travels and the no bid contracts that we will be hearing about again very soon. And much more nonsense.

Another reason to back Home Rule is that it could eliminate an anachronism like the prison board.

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