Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sam Guesto is worried about his job

And he should be.

TL: Guesto’s acquaintances say he is fearful he will be terminated. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Guesto was hired to the post in February 2008, after taxpayer predictions that the job was created for him. Guesto had resigned from his previous job as county chief clerk/administrator when it became apparent that Commissioners Maryanne Petrilla and Stephen A. Urban wouldn’t retain him.

Sam Guesto is credited with negotiating the the PA Child Care lease that sounds more like he was taking dictation. He ordered changes to the design of the new prison that will not be built for many years if ever because of the debt that the county had run up under the Bond Brothers and previous regimes. And he was in charge of the debit cards that were used in strip clubs and elaborate dinners with big booze bills. Guesto also twisted arms at the county prison he told county prison officials not to bid out items that were previously bid, telling the kitchen manager during a March 2006 meeting, “…do it or it’s your ass.”

The best outcome for Mr. Guesto is that he only be fired.


Anonymous said...

We all must absolutely demand that he go. If he had any decency whatsoever, he would have spared the county the embarrasment of having him in office after the strip club fiasco.
"Guesto must go!!!"

Anonymous said...


GET OUT""""""""


Anonymous said...

Sammy boy, don't you have other serious corruprion matters to be worried over?

R U next?

Anonymous said...

[Insert Wilk Stripper sound bite]

Anonymous said...

Skrep had a famous quote once too....

"Attend my $1000.00 per plate dinner or you'll never work in this town again"

That line was said to a local contractor.

The whole courthouse is criminals and liars.

Big Dan said...

He should go. He's part of the corruption that's going on. Clean sweep!!!

Anonymous said...

Sammy, you could always get a job cleaning brothels in Vegas, you know, just like the slums your old man owned. Everyone there get a fresh start and no one asks questions.