Thursday, February 26, 2009

Luzerne County Controller


Nanda Palissery (left) kicked off his candidacy on Tuesday for Luzerne County controller at Luzerne County Republican Headquarters on Public Square. Palissery said “For too long, there has been a Democrat culture of corruption in the courthouse. Enough is enough.” He is a lawyer that focuses on criminal defense and civil litigation and ran for Judge a few years ago. I understand that Palissery is the favorite to win the endorsement of the county GOP in the primary.

Another Republican also announced her intention to seek the office. Alice B. Coffman has worked as a certified public accountant for the last 16 years. I am very disheartened by the inappropriate behavior recently uncovered within our local government,” Coffman said in a statement. “The citizens of Luzerne County have the right to expect the highest level of professional conduct from their elected officials.” Wow, a CPA with plan to audit various county programs if elected. She wants to “implement and enforce internal control procedures to deter future misconduct and wasteful spending." So far she is the only candidate for this accountant's job that is a professional accountant. We can't have that, can we?

Our friend Walter Griffith will formally announce his bid for the Controller's job today at the Luzerne County Republican Headquarters, 25 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre at 6PM. He previously let us know that he is running for the post. And in the Department of 'if you live long enough' Wilkes-Barre Online is backing him.

On the Democratic side longtime party insider Bob Morgan is seeking the post as is Pittston landscaper Tony Rostock. Rostock was a former Pittston Area School Board member and Yatesville councilman and got a sweet deal at LCCC. Morgan is an investment advisor and it would be great if he could offer some advise on how to make up my 401k losses over the last 2 years. Educator Russ Bigus is also in the race.


Anonymous said...

its great to see so many candidates lining up to take a run. may the person who serves the peoples needs and interests best win.

Anonymous said...

i am voting female. the old boys networks as done enough damage.

Tony Thomas said...

Anon 9:50

I love how some people criticize male politics as being sexist, yet they vote for women just because they have the genetic make up of a woman.

It doesn't matter about sex, race, religion, eye color, party etc etc

We need good leaders. I can care less if they are man, woman, or gender confused. Luzerne County needs good politicians and resorting to such stupid voting ideas won't help us.

Anonymous said...

Nanda Palissery announced his candidacy at the 6th District Republican meeting and was asked point blank if he was going to be a Full Time Controller and the reply was he is not going to give up his law practice to serve the people of Luzerne County...The County Party is backing him because he has the money and the power of an attorney not because he is the best candidate for the job. I just wish these people in the County would start to realize that the the people are more important that the Power..Thats what got us into the mess we are in today.
Walter Griffith Jr is the candidate that has demonstrated by his constant attention to the details, that he is there for the people only and not the poweer of the office...Dont trust endorsements, trust what you see and know...

Zen said...

talk about a unflattering pic!!!!
anon 12:19,
nanda announced on Tuesday night at the repub. HQ on the square and was never asked that question. I was there from about an hour before it began until it was over.
Walter Griffith was there!!
Gort, please delete that comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zen, where you there at the 6th district meeting. Nanda stated at the meeting that he was running. The official announcement was this past Tue. Nanda was asked the question by Walter and his response was no, this is a part time position. He also stated that he would not hire a solictor becasue he is an atty. Funny thing, he has to hire a solictor because that solictor will be on the salary board. This guy has no clue, he shows up at a meeting with Muser, Mayor Haggerty, Pat Sarlono, and two democrats Moses-Moses. Nanda in my book is a rhino. and Zen, Gort will not delete this becasue it was true.

Zen said...

Hey Terry, when asked that question, Nanda's exact response was;

"my practice is such that I can spend as much time as is needed to be the controller. I am not bound by 9-5 hours and will spend whatever time is necessary to do the job right."

Were you there?

I doubt you'll believe anything I write so I propose this; Gort, if I can set up an interview with Nanda for you, would you be game and publish it?

Anonymous said...

1. I don't care if it was asked before or not. I ask it now: "will you do this full-time or part-time?". If the answer is part-time, I will go with someone else. There are enough good candidates out there that we can be picky.

2. A Criminal Defense Lawyer? A Civil Litigation Lawyer? So we are going to elect someone whose job it is to help get criminals off the hook, and to sue McDonalds when their coffee is too hot?

3. Give me a break on the "I'll vote for a woman because she's a woman" routine. If I ever said, "I'm voting for a man because he's a man", I'd be a sexist. Vote for the best person. When you do that type of thing, the backlash is that you set back women about 100 years. Vote for the best candidate and don't be a sexist. If the best is a woman, don't refuse to vote for her because she's a woman; but don't for her, either, because she's a woman.

I'll keep an open mind, but so far, I'd say "Nada to Nanda".

P.S. I, too, have heard about the deal that is being cut between the RINO's and the D's on behalf of Nanda. We need to get more info on this.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it incredibly ironic and funny that a "defense lawyer" is looking for a job in the the courthouse? He may find that he'll have a conflict of interest: working with the same people he will represent! Most of America has "ambulance chasers". In Luzerne County, our defense lawyers are "court house chasers". I guess they go where they can find the most business!

Gort said...


You know that I will talk politics with anyone.

Set the meeting. Make sure it's in a public place so I will feel safe.

You're right about the picture. Demetrius Fannick looks pretty aloof.

Don't be too hard on defense attorneys folks. You never know when you might need a good one. With all the heat on it's gotten harder to payoff the presiding Judge.

Anonymous said...

i think LOKUTA should run for controller! she would be great!! im only sorry that the people of this county voted out steve flood. he really was a watchdog..he was great. i think if lokuta ran, she would win. and believe me , NOTHING would get by her!!!

Anonymous said...

Reading some of these comments, I realize that the moron population of our county has got to be at least 50%. Controller, like the other row offices, pays about 40K. Smart, successful people (the kind we need running our county) have careers and lives. They can manage the office without sitting there from 9 to 5. Otherwise, who gets the job? Retirees? The unemployed? Palissery is an engineer by training and one of the county's top lawyers. We need people like him in the Courthouse!

Anonymous said...

Done deal Dave. Sorry, Nanda's the guy. Pat Solano held court at Perugino's, with Andy Sordoni, Jimmy Haggerty, the Moses boys, and Dan Meuser. Casey got his marching orders as this bunch played "Let's Make a Deal" - Three days before the Con-Chiv blowout

This republican party isn't worth a shit and I hear that good and once loyal people are dropping out like flies