Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idiot watch

W-B- Police arrested a man for suspicion of DUI early Sunday after finding him passed out behind the wheel in the drive-through lane of a 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant, Wilkes-Barre police said Monday...Officers were called to the store around 3:35 a.m. on the report of a man sleeping behind the wheel in the drive-through lane...Hilpp tried to wake Pearson, but initially couldn’t. After several attempts, Hilpp was able to wake him.

No word if he ordered a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder before he passed out.

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Anonymous said...

The wilkes barre police department is made up of a bunch of by the biggest idiot of them all...OUR MAYOR!! At this point, I refuse to go into town after dark. You are taking your life into your hands if you go onto Hazle Street , or Mc D's or the Turkey is very sad over the years to see what has happened to our town being taken over by drug dealers and criminals...have you ever been in the WB police station? It looks like a bomb went off in the place... evidence bags everywhere on the floor..god help us all!